Wednesday, November 12, 2014

why are people fleeing the Demoratic party?

Why are more and more people running away from the Democratic party? Released today : Favorability for the Democrats has hit a record low as things go from bad to worse for the party after significant midterm losses, according to a new poll. Only 36 percent had a favorable view of the Democratic party, a 6-percentage-point drop from before the midterms,"
Here is an example why-people are catching up witht he arrogance, lies, deception, foolishness and dangers of democratic minds and policies.
This guy Gruber just demolished Obamacare, unless the Supreme Court is totally corrupt.
He was exposed on video stating that the law purposefully was drafted that subsidies would ONLY be done on state level. Some states, like mine, set up exchanges and offered subsidies, Many did not. So the feds then set up subsidies for people whose states did not provide that. States only doing it was part of more deception of Obamanomics, to be able to CLAIM Obamacare did not cost as much as everyone said it would, since it would be the states that spent the money not the federal. States not setting up exchanges messed up one of Obamacare's central lies., People sued and won on Appellate levels, claiming those federal subsidies are illegal, and were excluded in the law. Obama is claiming that was a wordsmith error. Gruber just showed it was INTENTIONAL, not a mistake. That is one of the key issues before the Supreme Court. You also recall the Court previously upheld the constitutionality of Obamacare by 5-4, by chief justice Roberts saying it was a tax and therefore within the purview of Congress. People thought his reasoning bizarre since the Obamacare sellers were explicit in stating it was not a tax. Gruber now confirms that. Roberts looks even like more of an idiot now.
Obamacare example shows how evil liberal politicians and strategists can be:
Obama forced a vote on an an incomprehensibly written bill, written by people who thought they could fool us, which no one had time to read, passed by a bare, Democratic Congressional vote only. Not a single Republican voted for it because they knew how awful it would be. November 11, 2014 videos came to light showing one of the chief architects of Obamacare, MIT professor Gruber, another liberal academic, admitting it was written incomprehensively on purpose and that they wrote it thinking Americans were stupid. 28 of the Democratic Senators who voted for have been voted out of office 6 years later. It was sold by lie after lie: Obama kept repeating these lies: you can keep your doctor, keep your plan, i will cost 1/3 of what it has, it will reduce your premiums (most have gone way up)." It was rolled out by a comically inept website, designed by one of Michelle's Princeton college buddies who was a business failure and cost a fortune. Like all else in the Obama disastrous presidency, it is bad policy, based on lies, based on pulling one over on America, designed to weaken us, transfer wealth.
Democrats in 2014 have given us:
Obamacare, record debt, record deficits, welfare programs that cost $22 trillion over 50 years and INCREASED poverty, IRS abuse, VA abuse, booing God and Jerusalem at their 2012 national convention, banning flights to Israel, banning arms to Israel in middle of war, bending over backwards to make bad nuclear deal with Iran, held secret talks with terrorist Hamas, has a blame Israel first strategy, hired Muslim brotherhood terrorist to work at high levels in US government, invited Muslim Brotherhood terrorists often to White house, restricts visas to Israeli citizens, made 11Billion arms deal with terrorist supporter Qatar government, record middle class income stagnation, record low level employed as percent of population, record food stamps, record disability recipients, increased black unemployment, reduction in USA credit ranking, USA being surpassed by China in GDP for first time, alienation of all our allies, a total repudiation at polls in 2014 vote because of mismanagement, lies , corruption and more, calling Netanyahu chickenshit and a coward, record new onerous regulation stifling business,
The 2014 election was simple with highest number of Republican Senate and House in many decades: stop Obama!
Americans are wising up :

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