Friday, December 19, 2014

Hillary with terrorists

Hillary with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist leaders whom she and Obama helped take over Libya. Her top aid is from a prominent Muslim brotherhood family.  Huma Abedin, is the Deputy Chief of  Hillary Clinton when she was Sec State and her closest aid for years

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

US is a mess

US is a mess, as bad as the Chicago Bears: Obama is a laughingstock around the world, beheadings everywhere, violent islamic jihad on the march and obama says ISIS has no relation to Islam, China surpassed us as world #1 economy, Russia has moved into Ukraine, Iran is completely undeterred in nuclear weapon pursuit since Obama took gas off sanctions, Obama will double all previous US debt, we have RECORD low participation in labor market, RECORD POVERTY< record food stamps, stock market artificially inflated because of federal reserve printing gobs of money which will lead to inflation, middle class is steadily losing ground, 2/3 Americans opposed to obamacare and Obama's amnesty illegal declaration, only 16% Israelis trust Obama, we have scandal after scandal: VA, IRS, AP, Secret Service, massive cuts to our military and mass firings of our top commanders, Obama has Al Sharpton to White House 60 times and Sharpton incites race riots and protests. This is what liberalism gives us.

Guess who is lighting the menorah in the White Houses

Guess who is lighting the menorah in the White Houses
srael president ever. They work in coordination with and lends support to many of the most active anti-Israel NGOs, and focuses most of its resources on Palestinian issues, while failing to address many of the complex issues involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even if its complaints were not unbalanced or exaggerated, RHR applies Berkeley standards to a Middle Eastern nation which has essentially been at war since its founding. It amplifies and focuses attention on human-rights issues which — in context — are not issues. By doing so it provides real ammunition to Israel’s enemies

Obama says Isis has nothing to do with Islam

Obama says Isis has nothing to do with Islam. It is understandable he would lie like this since his father is Muslim and his brother runs Muslim brotherhood terrorist group in Kenya. Would he say Muhammed has nothing to do with islam? Isis is drawing policy right out of Muhammed's life.
SLICING OFF OUR HEADS: The Koran tells how Mohammed made a peace treaty with the Jews of a certain city in the Arabian peninsula. But within two years, he found a pretext to suddenly break the treaty, attack his surprised victims, and then behead all the Jewish men in the public square. Mohammed's tactic is held up by the Muslim Arabs as a hallowed model. It is enshrined in Muslim legal practice which has it that Muslims are not obligated for long to honor peace treaties with non Muslims -- infidels. It is not the 800 Jews of Medina [slaughtered by Mohammed in 627 AD], but millions of infidels slaughtered in subsequent centuries that should make us pause and reflect. Not only that. Those who defend Mohammed should reflect on the fate of the millions of infidels for whose heads the mujahid's knife is being sharpened in all Islamic countries right at this moment. and as for sex with children:When she was 6, Muhammad asked Abu Bakr, Aisha's father, for her hand. Abu Bakr thought it was improper, because, as he said "I am your brother"; Muhammad brushed aside Abu Bakr's reservation by saying that it was perfectly lawful for him to marry Aisha [ Ref: SAHIH BUKHAR I7:18]....So, Aisha was betrothed to Muhammad, and 3 years later, i.e. when Aisha was 9, the marriage was consummated. And Muhammad was 53 then [SAHIH BUKHARI 5:236,7:64,7:65,7:88] .

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Former Israel Ambassador to US finally able to tell the truth about Obama

Former Israel Ambassador to US finally able to tell the truth about Obama
Undiplomatic Talk From Michael Oren
'This administration has a worldview that is not in accord with any Israeli government.'
Wed, 12/10/2014
Gary Rosenblatt
During his four-year tenure as Israel’s ambassador to the United States, marked by an often-stormy relationship between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama, Michael Oren was the consummate diplomat. He was dignified, thoughtful, articulate, knowledgeable and tactful.
But those days are over.
Fourteen months after returning to Israel, where he is lecturing at the IDC Herzliya College and writing a book about his experiences in Washington, the 59-year-old Oren is speaking out about his deep concerns over Israel’s standing in the world, and particularly its relationship with its most important ally, the U.S.
In a dialogue at The Plaza here last week at the annual Scholar-Statesman dinner of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where he and another former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Tel Aviv University President Itamar Rabinovich, were the honorees, Oren said that “this administration [in Washington] has a worldview that is not in accord with any Israeli government,” not just the current one. Describing the Obama administration as “ideological” on the Mideast, with the president’s 2009 outreach-to-the-Arab-world Cairo speech as its source, Oren said the White House views east Jerusalem communities like Gilo, for example, as not necessarily part of the Jewish state, a position he said no Israeli government would accept.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

why release report on CIA today?

In case your wondering of the timing of releasing the report today, on CIA interrogation that will cause the deaths of many of our covert security people around the world and cause our allies to refuse to work with the CIA, it is no coincidence that it was the same day Gruber testified before Congress, the man whose ideas  Obama said he based much of Obamacare on, exposed that Obamacare was passed based on may lies they knew were lies,  because, as he repeatedly said,  we are "stupid"

The Democrats delight in releasing this info that former CIA director will cripple the CIA. Oh goody. Evidently we have no threats from Islamic terrorists. i guess Obama's policy of just killing them with drones, and their families too, and getting zero intelligence, is better? He just does not want any war criminals in custody because we wants to end Gitmo, no matter how many terrorist he releases

Obama fuels racial divisions

On last night’s “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted President Obama for taking sides based on color, not facts, and stoking the flames "racial hatred, resentment and divisiveness."
"Every young American who loses his life should be the concern of the man in the White House. But why is it that we only hear from him when death involves a person of color?" Judge Jeanine asked.
She pointed out that Obama wasn't elected by just one group, but all Americans, Republican and Democrat, black and white.
"Why don't you act like you're the president of all of us?"
Watch her fiery opening statement above and read the full transcript below.

'Doesn't Integrity Matter?' Megyn Slams '180' on Immigration Action
O'Reilly: Obama's Action 'Set off Constitutional Brawl,' Will Hurt Nation

Tonight, Americans, once hopeful that after electing the first African American president, the issue of race would be a thing of the past, are left with Barack Obama, who stokes the flames of racial hatred, resentment and divisiveness.
A man who instead of healing our nation, instead of overcoming any racial divide prefers to take sides, based not on facts but on color, to prejudge situations based not on sworn testimony and evidence but on conjecture and a one size fits all resentment, to peddle the narrative of a national problem between law enforcement and young people of color.
Every young American who loses his life should be the concern of the man in the White House. But why is it that we only hear from him when death involves a person of color?
But James Foley, an American who never committed a crime and was beheaded, is nothing more than a blip in the president's golf game.
Mr. President, why do you send White House officials to Brown's funeral but no one to James Foley’s memorial service?
I don't remember you injecting yourself in the death of a young white American or sending in the attorney general on a local crime before the justice system can act - as you did with Eric Holder, sending him to Ferguson?
Why not speak about young African Americans killed by other African Americans? Black-on-black crime? The kind of crime for which your home town of Chicago is so infamous?
Instead, you see racism everywhere.
Mr. President, you say we need trust between police and the African American community, police need to be sensitive to minority concerns.
How about you teach respect for those who put their lives on the line every day, for those who protect us, for those who are the one line of defense against an otherwise barbaric and chaotic society?
How about you teach that when a police officer says "move along" or "put your hands behind your back,” you do it!
And teach that you don't call cops derogatory names or reach into a police cruiser to grab a cop's gun.
But then again, you're the one who thinks cops are stupid.
Mr. President, you demand respect. Why not demand respect for police. When they issue an order, it's not a suggestion, an invitation, a mediation or a request.
As anarchy reigned and protesters looted stores and burned buildings of hard-working Americans - many African American - where were you?
Or do you believe that those crimes are justification for a perceived injustice? Simple collateral damage - like Occupy Wall Street. That tax paying Americans need to just suffer through and then pay for?
But no, you fan the flames of resentment, trumpeting your own investigation that you could have completed by now, only prolonging the anger. Suggesting, yes, folks, this is yet another white injustice, and I’m going to reverse it with a federal civil rights investigation, when you know there isn't a smidgeon - your word - of evidence to support the claim.
Weren't you going to reverse the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case with a federal investigation? What happened? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
Have you no respect for the law? For our system of justice?  If you don't like the law, change it. Hell, you do it all the time without Congress!
And you bring in the greatest charlatan of them all, a man who makes a living inciting racial hatred, a tax cheat and a liar, who claimed an African American girl was raped by a white man - stirring the pot of racial hatred that resulted in a defamation judgment against him - to sit with you at the citadel of power in the White House to discuss how law enforcement should be more sensitive.
Now, there are times when injustices occur, but the system also works.
I know. According to that same Al Sharpton , as DA, I convicted the first white cop of shooting an African American in the history of New York.
That jury, not affected by centuries of racism - but the facts, pure and simple.
Mr. President, if you're so concerned about racism, why don't you do something about it?
It is no secret black crime is disproportionately high. Why not focus on poverty, on lack of education, on drugs, on guns, on broken families
Bill Clinton moved Americans from welfare to "workfare." You turn back the hands of time.
With you as president, things aren't so great for African Americans. The poverty rate among African Americans has gone up since you took office. Fewer African Americans own homes. The number of African Americans on food stamps rose from 6 million to almost 11 million since you took office.
Mr. President, you seem to forget, you weren't just elected by one group. You were elected by all of us: Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites.
Why don't you act like you're the president of all of us?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

How Obama and the left use phony racism to undermine Israel

How Obama and the left use phony racism to undermine Israel

Richard Baehr
Israel, Ferguson and the global Left
It may not seem as if Ferguson, Missouri has much to do with Israel, but some of the activists protesting the events in that Missouri city seem to also have Israel on their mind. What happened in Ferguson and why does Israel factor into the picture?
Ferguson was a case of a white policeman shooting and killing a black civilian. There are between 300 and 400 cases of police killings in the United States each year (there are a smaller number of police killed in the line of duty). A majority of the victims of police shootings are not African-American. Some of the African-American victims (10-20 percent each year) are killed by African-American police. There are maybe 100 or so cases a year of white policemen killing blacks, and the great majority of these cases are non-controversial. The half dozen or so that are controversial are now becoming the biggest news stories of the day and the year. 
In an average year, about 16,000 Americans are murdered, so police killings are maybe two percent of that number. Over half of all murder victims are African-Americans, and almost all of them are killed by other African-Americans. Overall, African-Americans commit murder in the United States at a rate seven times their share of the population. While 16,000 is a big number, the U.S. murder rate has sharply declined the last 20 years, by about 40 percent. In New York City, the scene of the latest race-related controversy over a police killing (in this case from a chokehold,) the murder rate has dropped 85 percent. 
One might think that the far larger murder toll that does not involve police would be a much bigger story than the few controversial cases of white cops killing black civilians. That this is not the case reflects the role of today's media, which feeds off of the white cops killing black civilian stories almost as much as they love hurricanes and tornadoes and airplane disasters. Stories that enable the 24- hour cable news networks to fill their time reporting updates for days and weeks is the news that is fit to broadcast. America is an extremely polarized nation at this point on issues involving race, but also on broader political questions, like immigration, and Obamacare chief among them, and conflict is good for news departments. And this, unfortunately is where Israel has begun to filter into the frame.
In every one of the recent controversial cases involving a black victim, whether Trayvon Martin, who was shot by a community watchman, the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson and now the latest killing of Eric Garner in New York, the protestors now include members of the local black communities, blacks from other communities, students (some of whom are white), the professional crowd of agitators/anarchists, race hustlers, and always some anti-Israel demonstrators. In several cities where demonstrations followed the St. Louis County grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson policeman Darren Wilson, there were prominent signs comparing the occupation of black communities by racist police with Israel's racist occupation of Palestine. 
Paul Miller has provided a brief history of how African-American leaders fought attempts to link their struggle with anti-Israel forces decades back, but seem far less uncomfortable with this linkage today.
"Nearly 40 years after African-American leaders fought against anti-Semitism and the co-opting of the civil rights movement, the same hatred toward Israel and Jews has reared its ugly head in Ferguson -- seeking the same opportunity to exploit the struggles of African-Americans to shape public opinion against Israel.
But this time around, African-American leaders are silent about the abuse of their cause. In a few cases, such as the social media pages of Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush, we have witnessed the embrace of Israel detractors. Bush, who forfeited his 2005 Heisman Trophy after allegedly receiving improper benefits while playing at University of Southern California, posted a photo of a protestor holding a sign that read: "The Palestinian people know what mean [sic] to be shot while unarmed because of your ethnicity #ferguson #justice."
The white cop versus black man on the street divide is an opportunity for the anti-Israel crowd in the United States (consisting of Muslims but also many others on the Left) to solidify their position among minority groups and make their cause one and the same with the grievances held by other groups. 
The anti-Israel crowd is now very much at home among the Left. A University of California professor, Judith Butler, helped create a conference on "pink-washing" Israel to decry those who praise Israel for its progressive practices and laws regarding gays. Israel can never be up to any good, so long as it is a country identified by the Left as practicing oppression toward one of the Left's favored victim groups, the Palestinians. Butler argued that supporting the Palestinians has become a key component of the global Left's agenda, so trashing Israel trumped any false narrative perpetrated by Zionist defenders about progressive Israeli policies toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. 
This week a chapter of the United Auto Workers (!) union, with members who are mostly teaching assistants at nine University of California branches, will hold a BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) vote, thereby introducing the BDS movement to unions for the first time in America. The resolution seems to endorse the Palestinian right of return, suggesting Israel can no longer exist as a majority Jewish state in any form or within any boundaries.
The role of academics and students in all of the "take it to the streets" protest movements is a particularly dangerous one for Israel's defenders in the United States. From Occupy Wall Street to any scene taken over by race hustlers such as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, campus groups are always well represented. There was already a surge in anti-Israel activism at colleges and universities even before the Gaza war this past summer, with Students for Justice in Palestine pushing BDS measures among student bodies, and academic organizations (e.g., the American Studies Association) doing the same. So far, with the exception of Hampshire College, no university has succumbed to any student/professor sentiment to actually take any such action. But this year there are more SJP chapters, more BDS resolutions, more of these resolutions that are passing, and more threats and violence against pro-Israel students and groups. Over time, more universities will bend, thereby legitimizing the effort. 
One might argue that the four most significant issues that draw people to the streets these days, or make the college Left angry are Wall Street, Israel, the police, and global warming. Minority students at many campuses have signed up with the BDS movement, which of course requires the anti-Israel crowd to provide support on the streets of Ferguson, or in any other predictable hotbed of street agitation -- Oakland, San Francisco, Seattle. 
There is, I think, a not-so-silent partner in all this. U.S. President Barack Obama was a community organizer, a student of Saul Alinsky, before he started his legal and political career. While he might stand out for being more professionally dressed among those who march and scream, and he has been careful not to endorse any violence by demonstrators, Obama has clearly been encouraging those who are angry to get out there and make themselves heard, knowing full well what happens when these angry groups take to the streets. When the president spoke the night the decision of the Ferguson grand jury was announced, on a split TV screen one could also watch the black-owned businesses on the main streets of Ferguson being looted, set ablaze and destroyed. In the aftermath of this lawlessness, the president and his chief spokesperson on racial issues and the law, Attorney General Eric Holder, made no bones about their unhappiness with the grand jury action, but said almost nothing beyond offering some perfunctory statements about the violence. In this, their behavior modeled that of weak-willed American university presidents who have increasingly turned a blind eye to violence and threats against Jewish or pro-Israel students on campus. It is only a matter of time before life for pro-Israel students is about as "safe" as being visibly Jewish on the streets of pretty much any Western European city. 
There is a saying that everything good or bad starts in California, including its universities, but at this point in time, it is pretty much only noxious developments that are sweeping through academia, to be mainstreamed into the rest of American society. Hostility to Israel is one of these rapidly moving trends. Just as it is becoming more difficult to defend the police when media sympathies are all on the other side, the same is happening with defenders of Israel. The goal of the BDS movement is to make life very difficult for Israel's supporters, especially on campus and among America's growing minority population. America's demographic shifts are threatening to the historical pro-Israel consensus in America, not only because of high levels of Muslim immigration, but because other rapidly growing minority groups, as well as minority groups already here, are increasingly joining up with the anti-Israel movement. And when minority groups are on one side of an issue, you know where the major media will be to make that message resonate.

Obama wants to sanction Israel

Obama most anti Israel, pro iran nuk President ever.
Obama Reportedly Considering Sanctions Against Israel
Posted: 05 Dec 2014 09:52 AM PST
(John Hinderaker)
Russia is gobbling up much of Ukraine. China is putting growing pressure on its neighbors in East Asia. ISIS is chopping the heads off Americans. Syria’s government continues to slaughter thousands of its citizens. Iran is working feverishly on a bomb and running circles around our negotiators. Boko Haram is wreaking havoc in Nigeria. Hamas is raining rockets and missiles down on its neighbors. And the Obama administration reportedly is mulling the imposition of sanctions on…Israel. Why? Because Jews are building homes in Jerusalem:
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf dodged several questions on Thursday when confronted with reports that the administration had held secret internal meetings to discuss taking action against Israel for its ongoing building in East Jerusalem.
The classified meetings were reportedly held several weeks ago and included officials from both the State Department and White House, according to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, which first reported on the meetings.
The possibility of sanctioning Israel for its ongoing construction sends a signal that the Obama administration is willing to go further in its denunciations of Israel than any previous White House.
At the same time, the White House is vigorously pushing Congress against passing new sanctions on Iran.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Is Hillary the most dangerous person ever to be on a national stage besides Carter and Obama?

Is Hillary the most dangerous person ever to be on a national stage besides Carter and Obama? Hillary Clinton: America Must “Empathize” With Our Enemies…

Thursday, December 4, 2014

So she wants us to empathize with countries like Iran and North Korea?
Check it out:

“This is what we call smart power, using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security. Leaving no one on the sidelines. Showing respect even for one’s enemies. Trying to understand, in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Obama and economy, Islam and israel

US economy suffers because of Obama
-Adjusted for inflation, incomes declined around the turn of the century and never quite regained their previous peak under President George W. Bush
- Since Mr. Obama took office, the median income rate has continued to decline, according to Census Bureau data
-Middle class suffers from Obama For a vast number of middle-class Americans wages have remained the same for 40 years (the median full-time male worker earned $50,033 in 2013, about what he earned in 1973, adjusted for inflation, $49,678), and a lot of that backsliding occurred during the Great Recession and in the five years since then.
-Another measure that hasn’t improved under Mr. Obama’s presidency is the share of the population that participates in the labor force. The labor force participation rate is the lowest in 36 years; many have just dropped out of the workforce. EMPLOYMENT: Because of Obama’s policies since he became President,: 11,472,000 Americans have left the work force. “Fewer Americans are at work today than in April 2000, even though the population since then has grown by 31 million
-We live in a weird new normal when 6 percent unemployment is something to brag about
-Studying presidents by their job creation record, also places Mr. Obama near the bottom of the pack. Since the presidency of Harry Truman, only three presidents have seen the level of employment grow by a smaller percent than Mr. Obama.
-Enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. Even though the recession officially ended in mid-2009, the number of people collecting food stamps continued to climb until recent months, and participation in the program remains far higher than any other point over the past 30 years…
-the poverty rate has climbed since Mr. Obama took office. Through 2012, the most recent year available, the number of people in poverty had risen by 2.9 million.
-STOCKS: U.S. Federal Reserve, the semi-secret private organization that largely runs the U.S. monetary policy, is pumping billions of dollars daily into the currency market, investors are confident, and the markets boom

-Our nation lost its AAA credit rating because Obama is spending so much money.
-Not only was Cash for Clunkers a wasteful government program that: cost $1.4 million for every job it created and did little to reduce carbon emissions,”destroying the “clunkers” helped dramatically jack up the cost of used cars for the rest of the country.
-Through 2013, the Obama Administration had imposed: new regulations on businesses that cost 46 billion dollars a year.
-RECORD DEBT: When he was running for office, Obama called Bush “unpatriotic” for adding so much to the debt and promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Yet, the national debt is up: 7 trillion dollars: since Obama became President. That’s more debt than all U.S. Presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined and after 8 years Obama will have doubled all debt accumulated by presidents 1-43.
-SCANDAL: Obama’s administration gave gunsthat were used to murder hundreds of Mexicans and border agent Brian Terry. The Obama Administration has refused to cooperate with the investigation or hold anyone accountable for that illegal behavior.
-Chrony Handouts: Obama’s campaign contributors at Solyndra were handed 535 million dollars of taxpayer money that the Obama Administration knew they would never be able to pay back before they gave it to them.
-SCANDAL When thewere asked to provide emails requested by Congress as part of an investigation into their illegal activities, they’ve claimed over and over again to have lost the information because of “hard drive crashes.” Given that it’s quite easy to back up a hard drive and that they’re required by law to retain that information, it seems likely that they’re habitually destroying evidence to hide their illegal activities. The IRS targeted Obama’s political enemies including Christian groups, pro-Israel groups, and most prominently, Tea Party groups. The Obama Administration has refused to cooperate with the investigation or hold anyone accountable for the illegal behavior. Numerous donors to Mitt Romney were audited by the IRS after giving him large contributions.
-SCANDAL: Veterans received poor health care and even died because of the incompetence and cover-ups of Obama’s VA.
-OBAMACARE: Even Barney Frank admits Barack Obama: shamelessly lied to the American people to get Obamacare passed: — and lie, he did. He promised that Americans could keep their insurance plans, that they could keep their doctors, and that Obamacare would save the average family $2500 per year. Not only were all of those lies, Obama knew they were lies when he made those promises. Barack Obama has broken the law repeatedly: by making at least 23 unilateral changes to Obamacare.Obama has been illegally trying to force Christians to pay for abortifacients via Obamacare. Obamacare has been a disaster that cost millions their insurance and sent health care costs spiraling into the stratosphere. Obama is taking 700 billion dollars out of Medicare to put into Obamacare. The website portion of Obamacare,, was a non-functional disaster for months when it rolled out and Obama claimed he was completely unaware that there was anything wrong with it.
-INCREASED RACIAL TENSION: Instead of calming people down, Obama helped to turn Americans against each other racially be inserting himself into the Trayvon Martin case. Obama created so much racial animosity by attacking the police when they had done nothing wrong in the Henry Louis Gates case that he had to have a ridiculous “beer summit” to try to undo the damage. The Department of Justice failed to pursue a voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panthers because they were black and liberal. Former DOJ official: J. Christian Adams quit over the case: and: “accused his former employer of instructing attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims.”
-George W. Bush quit playing golf in 2003 because he didn’t want the mother of some fallen soldier to see the Commander-in-Chief out playing golf. He also said he thought playing golf during a war sent the wrong signal to the American people. Through June of 2014, Obama was up to 200 rounds and is on pace to play twice as much in his second term as his first term.
-Obama chose tax cheat Tim Geithner to be his Secretary of the Treasury and then has had the audacity to spend his whole presidency pushing for higher taxes.
-After promising to unite America when he was running for office in 2008, Obama has been the most hyper-partisan President in decades.
-The Department of Justice has worked overtime to help increase voter fraud by fighting against voter ID. This is despite the fact that you need ID to buy alcohol, drive a car, fly on a plane or even to use Obamacare.
-Russia annexed Crimea while Obama did nothing of consequence to discourage it from invading. That’s not a surprise for a President who is fond of throwing out “red lines” that don’t mean anything.
- Southern Border and illegal aliens Barack Obama unilaterally implemented the DREAM Act that Congress didn’t pass and illegally handed out work permits to illegal aliens. Obama bypassed Congress and simply “legalize” millions more of illegal immigrants even though it’s illegal and unconstitutional and it hurts the American people and will further encourage even more illegal aliens to surge across the border. The fence on our southern border was supposed to be completed by 2009. The Obama Administration has made it clear that it doesn’t intend to finish it during his presidency. Barack Obama is deliberately creating a crisis on the southern border by refusing to deport illegal aliens crossing into our country.For all practical purposes, Barack Obama has already unilaterally implemented amnesty in America because “at least: 99.92% of illegal immigrants and visa overstays: without known crimes on their records”: aren’t being deported.

Islamic Violent terrorism flourishes under Obama
Obama helps actively or through neglect a massive spread of Islamic jihad under his watch-see details below. Terrorism expert summarizes this: “Steve Emerson Terrorism expert
“we have an administration that's in bed with these radical Islamic groups who pretend to be moderate or civil rights groups that have basically curtailed the ability of the FBI, ICE agents, to monitor, do investigations, or even prosecutors. Prosecutors now have to petition the Department of Justice to use the word "jihad" in indictments. This shows you the extent to which this administration has neutered the whole campaign to stop jihadism and basically interfere, Monica, with the ability of FBI agents to do their job...,the FBI, city and state law enforcement and now the border patrol with essentially an open border with god knows what kind of terrorists and Islamists are coming over the southern border, how they have really been hamstrung by regulations and political correctness restricting their ability to monitor the Islamic communities and the border...this administration has essentially embraced and legitimized the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the godfather and parent of all Sunni terrorist groups, including Hamas, including Islamic Jihad, and Al Qaeda. And for the administration to make a distinction between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is simply murderous. And that's what they've done. “

NEWEST: Obama covering up domestic jihad murder again. 
Flourishing of Jihad 2009 until now under Obama, much with his direct aid.You decide whether its purposeful on his part, or incompetence, or horrible consequences of wrongheaded world view. 
1.Libya: he helped push out Quaddafi, and now Libya in hands of various jihad groups. Egypt is very worried about them.
2.Iraq: pulled out after war was won opening way for ISIS
3.Syria: drew red lines and then ignored them when breached and now Isis controls half
4.Hamas: secret talks with this terrorist group while they toss missiles daily at Israel for 6 months and continued to fund PA even after the have unity government with Hamas. Secret talks with them. 
5. Iran: weakened sanctions consistently and now extends talks while they move forward tried to overthrow Mubarak and support Moslem Brotherhood, gave them 1.5 billion and sophisticated weapons
6. Turkey Obama’s favorite foreign leader calls Israelis Nazis It is also no surprise that Obama would name this vicious Jew-hater as his closest friend among world leaders. “Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler,” Times of Israel, July 19, 2014 
7. He backed Morsi in Egypt, head of Moslem Brotherhood who said Jews are descended from pigs, gave them 1.5 billion and f16s.
8. Iron Dome vs Terrorist funding Follow the money: each round of Iron Dome funding, Obama has tried to cut substantially. Congress overruled him.
 His response? $47 more for Hamas to rebuild, $500 million for Syrian rebels (which will go straight to Isis, $11 billion arms deal with Qatar
9. Opens southern borders, allowing terrorists cross into US easily
11. Lost whereabouts of 6000 “students” of foreign nationality who never showed up for class
12. The unilateral release of five senior Taliban back to the enemy while the enemy is still fighting us.
14. Does this bother anyone else? Obama had a meeting with an "interesting" cleric -- on the anniversary of 9-11 no less.
15. His administration hired senior terrorists to work for US government. One example
16. Had Bagdadai, Isis leader in custody in 2009 but released him
17. Severly limits FBI ability to monitor Islamic extremists in USA
18. They've lifted all restrictions on Muslim Brotherhood visits to the United States and now restricting entry of Israelis to US
19. He and Hillary lied and lied about 9-11 Alquida attack in benghazzi being caused by Youtube video, to continue their lying narrative that alquida was vanquished to try and assist his 2012 election,
20. Fort Hood shooter business card says “soldier of Allah” and he shouts alla akbar before he kills 13 fellow soldiers, Obama calls it ‘workplace violence”.
21. Obama demands scrubbing word jihad from documents on terror and demands CIA Director scrub word Islamist before the word “terrorists” from Benghazi talking points
22. Fight vs Isis: Steve Emerson: “our allies that the administration praises – Turkey and Qatar – are sabotaging our campaign against ISIS while the President has basically angered good allies lie Egypt, which really could be participating in a very meaningful way because it is significantly and ideologically against the Muslim Brotherhood which [ISIS] has in its origins.."
23. Refuses to acknowledge obvious Islamic link to terror
27. US considers new, softened nuclear offer to IranIsrael fumes at compromise which would allow Tehran to keep half of its centrifuges in exchange for various checks and balances

Obama most anti Israel president ever
 In the Gaza conflict
1.    His FAA blocked flights to Israel
2.    Denying visas to Israelis
3.    Denyuing mail bound to Israel
4.    Holds up armaments so Israel can defend itself
5.    Tried to cut Iron dome 2xfunding but Congress overruled
6.    Tried to get Hamas biggest boosters Qatar to get agreement allowing Hamas total freedom to rebuild misslies
9.      ObamA works out $11 billion arms deal to hamAs biggest supporter, Qatar

PLUS 1. His administration continually leaks classified documents that endanger our soldiers and especially our ally Israel
2. Said he wants to bring daylight between Israel and 
3 .He bragged about killing Bin Laden, when he hypocritically campaigned against the means they used to find him. That got the actual Seals who killed him so mad they are campaigning against him
4 He hired Muslim brotherhood tied terrorists to be in the USA government
5 Aided Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egypt by reducing helping overthrow Mubarack, their debt and doing military exercises with them, while scaling back our exercises with Israel. 
6.He has stalled and delayed and appeased Iran as they march forward to develop nuclear weapons and daily say they want to wipe out Israel
7.He has tried to bully, threaten, intimidated and repeatedly turned his back on Israel ( 49 borders, no building in Jerusalem) and had the word Jerusalem removed from the DNC platform as well as Hamas as terror, and Palestinians no right of return,. He realized that Jerusalem's omission was an error and lied and said he did not know, and when he instructed them to put it back, they did, but over a majority loud chorus of boos from the delegates. DNC convention has featured a large Muslim extremist sub convention.
8. Foolishly encouraged and embraced Arab Spring, which is turning into Arab nightmare. g. He forbade the CIA and FBI from using the words Muslim or Islam when they investigate, making it impossible to do their job and called Fort Hood massacre of a Muslim killing our soldiers shouting allah akbar workplace violence.
9. Obama refused to push for Israel to be included in an international terrorist conference. 
10. Makes us more dependent on Arab oil that funds terror 
11. Massive spread of Islamic jihad under his watch-
Libya: he helped push out Quaddafi
Iraq-pulled out after war was won opening way for ISIS
Syria: drew red lines and then ignored them when breached
Hamas: secret talks with this terrorist group while they toss missiles daily at Israel for 6 months and continued to fund PA even after the have unity government with Hamas
Iran: weakened sanctions consistently and now extends talks while they move forward 
12. His record before he entered high electoral politics in 2004, especially his associations with radical anti-Zionists
13. Obama’s favorite foreign leader calls Israelis Nazis Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler It is no surprise, with this violent, hateful rhetoric, that there are violent protests against Israel in Turkey. It is also no surprise that Obama would name this vicious Jew-hater as his closest friend among world leaders. “Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler,” Times of Israel, July 19, 2014qw

14. Uses IRS to harass pro Israel groups

Obama wrong, neocons right

What Neoconservatives Know

Despite a reputation for bluster, neoconservatives take their lumps better than most. As has been acknowledged repeatedly, we overestimated the contact infectiousness of democracy in Iraq. Similarly, we underestimated the task of its implementation. A willingness to acknowledge mistakes was behind neoconservative support for the strategy change in Iraq known as the Surge. But once the Surge happened, neoconservatives overestimated the American political will to secure our gains in the long term.
If critics won’t hear our confession, so be it.
But they should still listen to our warnings. For if we’ve been too optimistic about freedom’s allies, we’ve been depressingly accurate about its enemies. Neoconservatives warned that if Barack Obama pulled out of Iraq according to his timeline, the country would fall into dangerous hands. Obama did so and ISIS gained a state. For years, while realists and liberals swore that Bashar al-Assad was a reasonable target for U.S. engagement, neoconservatives pegged him as an unflippable servant of both Baathist and Shiite terror. When the Arab Spring came to Syria, Assad devoted himself to mass atrocity and became the main engine of instability in the Middle East. Once the Syrian civil war began, we warned that jihadists would exert control over the rebels unless the United States assisted the non-radicals among them. Washington choked while ISIS and the Nusra Front took the lead in the fight against Assad.
Neoconservatives warned against placing faith in Vladimir Putin (even as George W. Bush claimed to see the good in Putin’s soul). We said Obama’s attempted reset policy was a fool’s errand and Putin was an aggressor by nature. That policy is now in a shambles and Putin, like a modern-day Catherine the Great, has seized Crimea and put the region on notice. Neoconservatives warned that the Palestinian leadership had no interest in peace with Israel. The Obama administration doggedly pursued peace talks that tottered on up until and even through the point that Hamas launched a new round of violence and murder, sparking a war. Neoconservatives have long warned that a premature U.S. exit from Afghanistan will invite an unmanageable Taliban resurgence. On this point, Obama seems to be relenting, having recently approved plans to broaden the role of American forces in that country after 2014.
Then there’s Iran. Elite opinion has invented a new position in the Iranian government: the Office of The Moderate. If you think I’m exaggerating, do a Google search for “the moderate Hassan Rouhani.” Describing Iran’s president thus, you’ll get 113,000 hits. Then search “the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei,” the descriptive title of the real Iranian leader. You’ll get a meager 32,800 hits. Iran’s elections may be fixed but there’s no rigging the global court of elite wisdom. President Obama is the most consequential proponent of the notion that Iran is becoming a moderate power open to diplomatic negotiations on its nuclear program. The administration has entered into its second extension of the P5+1 talks with Tehran ostensibly aimed at denying the mullahs a bomb.
Now, the neoconservative warning: The Islamic Republic of Iran is founded on a delusional theocratic hatred for the West. A nuclear weapon is the longstanding desideratum of a regime that has made “Death to America” a plank of national self-affirmation. For Ali Khamenei, the idea of being defanged by the Great Satan lies somewhere between impossible and unthinkable. Rouhani is a false moderate with false authority. All told, Iran’s leaders are more dangerous and more implacable than any of those mentioned above, and the consequences of taking them lightly are almost too grave to countenance.
Nothing about the Obama administration’s recent dealings with Iran suggests this characterization is wrong. From the few reports that have leaked out, Tehran has been unwilling to budge on any major aspect of a deal to halt its march toward a nuclear weapon. Last week, in the wake of the extension announcement, the New York Timesreported, “In the Iranian Parliament, lawmakers erupted in their usual chants of ‘Death to America’ after a lawmaker commenting on the deadline extension spoke of ‘the U.S.’s sabotaging efforts and its unreliability.’” Yesterday, Khamenei called for an arms buildup. “Peacetime offers great opportunities for our armed forces to … build up on preemptive capacities,” he said.
It would be nice if the neocons got this one wrong.