Sunday, November 30, 2014

Obama's race baiter

Lt. Col. Allen West was a guest on Fox News Channel’s On The Record with Greta Van Susteren Tuesday night when he slammed President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for their inconsistency in talking about the injustice of white-on-black crimes while ignoring black-on-white crimes in this country.
What I do find very hypocritical is that President Obama nor Eric Holder have said anything about the four black gang members who brutally carjacked and took Captain Kevin Quick, a Virginia reserve police officer, and murdered him.  We did not hear them say anything about the nineteen-year-old New Jersey teenager, Brendan Devlin, who was gunned down by a black self-proclaimed jihadist.  We have heard them say nothing about the two black teenagers that bludgeoned to death a World War II Okinawa veteran out in Spokane, Washington.  Nor about the black teenager who shot a young toddler in the face in Brunswick, Georgia.  So I think that the country has to really get tired of this cherry-picking of these instances of their perceived social justice and their own agenda that they are trying to use for their own elevation.  And this really is getting quite despicable.


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