Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Perhaps the single most stunning act of incompetence and capitulation by an American president in history.

Perhaps the single most stunning act of incompetence and capitulation by an American president in history.

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U.S. President Barack Obama is about to cut a deal with Iran that amounts to a complete and total surrender to the demands of the Islamic Republic. Perhaps the single most stunning act of incompetence and capitulation by an American president in history.
"It’s almost over," writes Times of Israel editor-in-chief David Horovitz.
Whether in the next few hours or days, or a few weeks from now ... we can brace for handshakes, embraces and brief bonhomie; for an Iran whose smooth-talking foreign minister hails vindication while his supreme leader spouts poison; for a United States that claims success, talks of having capped and regulated the Iranians, and seeks to press on toward some kind of rapprochement despite every indication that Iran seeks nothing of the sort.
And Obama, of course, will declare victory and bask in the glory of his own egomania. His dutiful slaves in the media will hail him as a genius and the greatest leader in human history.
At the same time, Iran will undoubtedly retain its "breakout" capacity, allowing it to remain on the cusp of creating a nuclear weapon within months of it choosing to do so, which it undoubtedly will.
Horovitz quotes expert Emily Landau, who asserts, "Once [Obama's] goal became merely to restrain Iran, to keep it months away from a nuclear weapons capability rather than forcing a strategic U-turn, the game was lost."
Obama seems to have absolutely no interest in trying to change this. "Let nobody kid themselves," says Horovitz,
Whether the deal now taking shape ostensibly keeps Iran six months or eighteen months from the bomb makes no significant difference. An arrangement that depends on verifying Iranian good behavior ... is simply not workable — and both sides know it.
Horovitz, as he should, puts the blame squarely on Obama's delusional belief in himself as a healer of the world and a messianic leader.
"Ultimately, the failure is rooted in President Barack Obama’s desire to heal relations with America’s enemies in this part of the world," he says. Unfortunately, such pathetic behavior "is regarded in this brutal region ... as weakness," and rightfully so.
Iran knows this perhaps better than anyone. To give begrudging credit, they have played Obama beautifully, exploiting his incompetence to their advantage at every turn.
Israel, notes Horovitz, now faces its most pressing dilemma since Menachem Begin destroyed Iraq's nuclear program in the early 1980s.

Directly endangered by Iran, and rightly reluctant to resort to the military intervention that the United States should have credibly threatened. ... We see the evil all too clearly. While the international community celebrates a Pyrrhic victory, protecting this country, never anything less than immensely challenging, will have become significantly more complex.
The only solution seems clear: Prime Minister Netanyahu must act now. He must immediately launch the long-delayed military operation that will completely annihilate Iran's nuclear program by whatever means necessary.
Unfortunately, due to Obama's refusal to provide Israel with the conventional weapons necessary for such an operation, Israel may be forced to resort to the use of tactical nuclear weapons in order to do so.
This would be a horrible decision to make, weighted with terrible historical consequences. Israel would face near-universal condemnation for breaking the nuclear taboo. But Obama has pushed Israel into a corner, and the responsibility for whatever happens now is his and his alone.

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