Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gaza and Democratic leadership

Gaza in a nutshell 1. Bible promises the land to the Israelites 4000 years ago. 2. Israelites came there and lived there unbroken 4000 years, having sovereignty 2x and only leaving when stronger forces forced them but not all ever left. 3. Todays Palestinians have zero connection to any ancient people and never existed as a nation until the 1940s. Most of the people living in the area moved there after the 1940s and have no connection to the land or people in it. The Palestinians are a myth created by the Arab league to undermine israel. 4. Israel's Declaration of Independence seeks to live in peace with the Arab neighbors. 5. From day 1 of Israel’s independence, Most Arabs have tried to kill the jews and take over the country and will never stop trying. 6. Jordan controlled the West Bank 1947-1968 and did not create Palestinian state, ditto with Egypt and Gaza. 7. Arabs are being killed by Arabs all over the Middle East (150,000 in Syria) and the media pays no attention. 8. Hamas is a violent terrorist organization which calls for genocide vs Jews everywhere and destruction of israel as do Iran and all Islamic terrorist groups. They killed 160 of their own children building the tunnels, routinely endanger their own citizens putting them in harms way, and store and fire missiles from hospitals, schools and mosques.They are monsters. 9. Israel withdrew completely from Gaza 2005 to see if organic Palestinian free nation could emerge. Israel got thousands of missiles thrown at it, and genocidal death threats. Of course, like any nation, Israel controls its border with Gaza, as Egypt does hers. Israel has a right o insure noi missiles enter. Now it has to worry about cement too. 10. This is the third time in 6 years Israel has had to go into Gaza to stop the rockets and now have to destroy very lethal tunnels. They have tried harder than any nation in history to avoid civilian casualties despite their enemies trying harder than any country in history to sacrifice their own citizens as human shields. 11. The Muslims lie routinely about what is happening. Their religion allows it to advance their cause so they lie and lie and lie, claiming genocide etc. 12. No country on earth would accept the terrorism inflicted on it by Muslim monsters in Gaza nor would any other country try so hard to spare civilians. the condemnation of Israel is anti semitism, pure and simple. 13. Despite non stop Arab and Iranian war and genocidal threats, israel has created one of the greatest nations on earth, with world changing innovations aiding the world, and the only place in the entire Middle East where Arabs, gays, women are free to live as they wish. 13. The Western world should be enthusiastically backing Israel's frontline efforts to fight terror, because it is next. The UN dominated by 65 Muslim nations and 22 Arab ones, focuses almost exclusively on anti Israel activities and resolutions. Instead, The US leading Democrats: Hillary says Gaza keeps its rockets in schools because it is a small place and her new book calls it occupied, Nancy Pelosi says she's been told Hamas is a humanitarian organization, Kerry tries to force a ceasefire taking hamas side 100%, Obama calls and threatens Netanyahu about immediate ceasefire. Obama has been secretly talking with this terrorist organization Hamas for six months, while publicly the US states they are a terrorist group. Also since Obama, Israel is basically surrounded by terrorist groups or states: Libya, almost Egypt (Obama wanted Muslim brotherhood) Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran. Isis, As Joshua asks the Captain of the Lord of hosts standing with a drawn sword in Joshua: are you with us or against us?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Don't count on obama to fix thye mess, he WANTS it his way

Obama won’t solve this mess, he wants this mess. He wants a weakened America and an emboldened world.

Some are upset that Obama spent the week fundraising for Democrats at taxpayer expense and golfing, shooting pool and now is off to a 16 day vacation hobnobbing with gizzilionaires at Martha’s Vineyard. They think he has checked, out, is disinterested, is incompetent, bored etc. No. He has planned all this. They say America and the world are being overrun with problems and where is the Commander-In-Chief. Well, he won’t come to the rescue because he WANTS all this. What do you think he meant when he said 5 days before the first inauguration that get ready to radically transform America? American elected him twice and are getting what we voted for. His vision is that of the hard left. It is very different than most Americans and he hid it well in the garbage about “Hope and Change.” Read Saul Alinsky and you’ll get it. Listen to domestic terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, his buddy, and you’ll get it. Think about the “not God bless American but God damn America” sermons he chose to hear for 27 years from the admitted communist preacher Jeremiah Wright. Obama WANTS a weakened America. He believes America is not the solution, but the problem, as do so many on the left. His inclination is to support Moslems, even terrorists against what he feels is the west and colonialism. That includes Israel in his mind. Remember his apology tour when he was first elected, going from world leader to world leader apologizing for America? That is what he believes. 

The world.
Middle East. Egypt He wants terrorism to flourish. From day one, at his first foreign policy speech in Cairo, he promoted Moslem Brotherhood, the motherlode of all terrorist groups, which Egyptian leaders tried to suppress for many decades. He helped get Morsi, head of Moslem Brotherhood, elected and gave him $1.5 Billion plus our most sophisticated weapons and was upset when he was ousted in favor of pro west government. 
Iraq does not exist anymore. We had it stabilized and Obama withdrew completely. We found out yesterday we were warned for a year by Malaki, leader of Iraq, about Isis, the violent Al-Quida offshoot, now in control of much of Iraq and Syria and on the march, as they say, to Jerusalem, Rome and New York. We were asked to drone strike Isis and did nothing. 
Syria 150,000 dead. Obama drew red lines about use of chemical weapons and did nothing when they were used.
Hamas, whose charter calls for death of Jews and destruction of Israel, US labels a terrorist group for years, but Obama, it turns out secretly talks with them for last six months, and just gave them another $47 million to rebuild their terrorist tunnels and restock their missiles they use against Israel. 
Iran, working hard on nuclear weapons and openly calls for Israel’s destruction, Obama has been trying to talk out of it (or maybe he wants them to have them) for 6 years now to no avail. Not one word condemnation when they call for Israel’s destruction.
Turkey. Yesterday their leader called Israel worse than Nazis. Obama says he is his best foreign friend. Turkey used to be pro Western and friendly with Israel. 
Lebanon to the north of Israel is in the hands of Iran proxy Hezbollah, with 100,000 Iranian missiles aimed at Israel.

Pogroms against Jews in Paris 
Russia . Remember when he thought the mike was off and told Medeved, head of Russia then that Obama would be more “flexible” after the 2012 election. Remember in the debates when he made at Romney worried about Russia? Putin realizes Obama is a joke, or supporting his goals to take over more of Europe. One of first things Obama did was pull our missile defense out of Poland and Czech Republic, infuriating and bewildering our allies. Obama’s reaction to Putin taking over much of Ukraine is a joke and who knows how far Putin aims to go. 

Asia: China increasingly flexing its muscles in pacific and this year will overtake USA as world’s largest economy. Obama does nothing

USA Record poverty. Record debt, (he will double US debt from all previous presidents combined), record deficits, record low percentage in work force, record middle class income losses, record gas prices, highest corporate tax rate in world, record new regulations stifling economic growth, record poor recovery from recession, negative economic growth last quarter, doubling of food stamp recipients, IRS targets political opponent scandal, Obama lies and lies to pass Obamacare (you can keep your doctor and plan), campaigns against VA scandals but does nothing and situation gets worse, lies and lies before election about Benghazi cause being video to hide al-Qaida’s involvement in death of 4 Americans, trades 5 top Taliban terrorists for one US Marine deserter, purposely encourages tens of thousands of illegals to keep coming in our unprotected southern border to drive down economy and gain Democratic votes, polls show record tension among races and economic classes-all right out of Saul Alinsky training manual. He has fired thousands of our top military commanders to weaken our military, He forbids FBI, CIA, etc to use terms like Moslem or Islamic in training their staff. Etc etc etc

Obama wants America poorer, weaker and less influential on world stage. In the absence of USA, evil will be on the march. Don’t look to Obama to solve (or any Democrat). This is really how many of them think and act. Obama will be out fundraising, golfing and sunning on Marthas’a Vineyard. Hillary was also highly influenced by Alinsky and he was her personal mentor.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Responding to the Left's lies about America

To mark Independence Day, Dinesh D’Souza released the film version of his recent book America: Imagine a World Without Her. It’s a powerful, film which will keep your interest. The film addresses profound moral and historical. It is a film with a definite point of view: D’Souza, an immigrant from India and unabashed American patriot, sets out to defend America’s founding principles and her historical record of living up to them. He addresses a series of radical critiques lodged by “progressive” academics and activists – and widely disseminated through which liberal professors assign to students across the U.S. by the hundreds of thousands.
D’Souza interviews radical activists, ranging from a Native American who wants to take back the land that contains Mount Rushmore and a Chicano activist who hopes that Mexico can reclaim the U.S. southwest, to Noam Chomsky and Ward Churchill – the professor who compared the victims of Sept. 11, 201 to Nazi officials who died in Allied bombingsIt examines with as much seriousness as a film this short can manage, the following indictments against the American regime:
1.    It was founded on conquest and genocide aimed at the Indians.
2.    It built its wealth on the backs of African slaves, and is essentially white supremacist.
3.    It expanded by unjustly stealing land from its neighbor Mexico.
4.    It is consistently imperialist and aggressive toward other countries.
5.    It is dominated by an unjust and exploitative capitalist system that harms the poor.
Obviously, a two-hour film cannot dispose of such charges definitively, and D’Souza doesn’t pretend that it can. What he does try to do in the film is to highlight how dominant these five facile assertions have become among younger Americans, creating a comprehensive narrative of unique American evil: a demonic mirror image of the brash American triumphalism pushed by the neo-conservatives in their days of influence. My responses

1. LEFT It was founded on conquest and genocide aimed at the Indians.
a. The Indians that claim a particular piece of land is “their” land at the time Spanish, Mexicans and other settlers came, took it in conquest from weaker Native Americans, who took it from weaker N.A. etc. For example, the Sioux did not originally control the badlands.
b. EVERY nation is built on conquest. the Indo-Europeans were originally from the steppes north of the Black Sea, but now the Indo-Europeans are spread across Europe and other places, the Turks originated in a very small area, but now reside in a much larger area, thanks to warring Turkic groups like the Mongols. It has happened everywhere.
c.80% of the N.A. died not because of murder, but disease just as 1/3 Europe died in Middle ages from plague brought from Asia.
d. Many N.A. have the same opportunity or more rights  (casinos) to achieve the dream of America or more see
What a ridiculous double standard the left has between US and the rest of the world.

2. LEFT: It built its wealth on the backs of African slaves, and is essentially white supremacist.

 a. Slavery has always existed and is despicable. There were also Black slave owners and white slaves (indentures servants). The country's leading African American historian, Duke University professor John Hope Franklin, records that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned slaves, or 28 percent of the free Negroes in that city. Less than 1.4 percent of all American whites owned slaves
b. Slavery preexisted America throughout history and exists today. It is horrible,  and it si wonderful that the US uniquely fought to end it here.
c. No other country on earth fought a war to end slavery, costing 300,000 northern soldier lives
USA should be celebrated for ending slavery.
d. We have Black prez, Black Att. Gen, Black SC justice, have had several Black sec states, Commander in chiefs, Black senators and congress, affirmative action etc.hardly controlled by white supremacists.
3. LEFT. It expanded by unjustly stealing land from its neighbor Mexico.
a. Mexico was taking by conquest by Spanish
b. Indigenous citizens rebelled vs Mexico and won.
c. US conquered all of Mexico and gave most of it back to Mexico., most Mexicans wish Us still controlled all. They try and come here.

4. LEFT: It is consistently imperialist and aggressive toward other countries.
Unlike all other nations, it never .stayed but tried to help democracy. It never took raw materials (spent a fortune in Iraq and took no oil). It has saved hundreds of millions from totalitarian dictatorships. (Korea, Germany/Europe) Fought huge wars to help people and then poured billions into help the beaten enemy (Japan, Germany,)

5.    LEFT: It is dominated by an unjust and exploitative capitalist system that harms the poor.
Backwards. More government control leads to more poverty and less freedom. 6 Years under Obama=record poverty and record middle class losses. Capitalism has lifted 200,000,000 Indians and 500,000,000 out of poverty in last decade as example. Capitalism is greatest source of lifting people out of poverty ever. Opposite communism/socialism led to 100,000,000 murdered in 2oth century: Nazis, Chine under Mao, USSR under stalin.

Radical leftist legacy of Obama

Radical leftist legacy of Obama
Does Obama hate the poor? We have record poverty in US today after 5 ½ years of Obama
Does Obama hate middle class? Middle class has lost much economic ground under Obama
Does Obama hate elderly? Stole $500,000 million from medicare to pay for Ob
Doesn’t Obama care about sex trafficking children in USA? He has allowed many thousands of illegal children to come to USA from southern border, with no parents, ending up in sex trafficking.
Doesn’t Obama care of violent gang members coming in illegally
Doesn’t Obama care about all this disease coming across border? America is now coping with diseases it believed it had eradicated, at least in part thanks to unrestricted immigration. In early June, ABC 15 in Arizona reported, “US Border Patrol agents are worried that what’s coming over into the US could harm everyone… Agents are worried about a viral outbreak.” According to Border Patrol Agent and Rio Grande Valley Union representative Chris Cabrera, agents are experiencing contagious outbreaks – and so-called quarantine areas are nothing of the sort, often separated from the general population by mere caution tape. “There’s been an outbreak of scabies that’s been going on for the past month,” Cabrera said. And it’s not just scabies, it’s chicken pox, MRSA, staph infections. The Department of Homeland Security will not allow media to speak with doctors and medical staff treating illegal immigrants. A health official told The Blaze, “There is really no hard stop at the border, and we have no idea health-wise what diseases are coming across.”
Doesn’t Obama care Arab terrorist coming across southern border illegally?
Does Obama think we don’t pay attention to his scandals The first 100 BEFORE IRS, VA, NSA, EPA, Mexican guns, etc
Does Obama want Arab terrorism to take over Middle East? Under Obama, these countries went to terrorist control: Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran expands, Egypt for awhile, lied about Benghazi letting al-Qaida off the hook,

Doesn’t Obama care about his own grandchildren paying for his wild overspending?
He will double all previous US debt owed in his 8 years

Doesn’t Obama care about telling the truth?
You can keep your doctor, Benghazi was caused by a video etc

Doesn’t Obama care about unemployed? His democratic controlled Senate has refused to take us dozens of Republican house passed bills and result?
Unemployment statistics do not count them

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Obama disaster

Obama purposeful weakening of US economy
1. Obamacare passed it with regular lies about keep your doctor and plan, and false promises it woiuld reduce costs. It will cost triple the estimate.
2. Every yearly deficit is higher than any president before him.
3. His accumulated debt will double ALL previous debt.
4. Record poverty under Obama.
5. Record poor recovery from recession.
6. Record food stamp enrollment.
7. Record disability applications.
8. Record low percentage of adults in full time workforce since depression
9. His trillion dollar stimulus boondoggle produced 0 lasting jobs
10. Record scandals and abuse of power IRS, VA, EPA abuse, NSA, AP, Solyndra and chrony 
11. Unprecedented gutting of our military and threats rapidly increase
12. Record middle class loss of wealth in 6 year period
13. Only the super rich benefited from Obama, you know the guys he vacations and golfs with every day/

. National debt has climbed from $10 trillion to over 16 trillion since he took over. Romney took over budget deficits in Masachussetts and left office with a surplus.
He tells 60 minutes he doesn't know what it is OBAMA SAYS HIS PLAN REDUCES THE DEFICIT BY $4 TRILLION
THE CLAIM: Obama: “I’ve Proposed A Specific $4 Trillion Deficit Reduction Plan.”OBAMA: “I’ve proposed a specific $4 trillion deficit reduction plan. … The way we do it is $2.50 for every cut, we ask for $1 in additional revenue.” (President Barack Obama, Presidential Debate, Denver, CO, 10/3/12)
THE FACTS: “Virtually No Serious Budget Analyst Agreed With This Accounting.” “But virtually no serious budget analyst agreed with this accounting. Obama’s $4 trillion figure, for instance, includes counting some $1 trillion in cuts reached a year ago in budget negotiations with Congress. So no matter who is the president, the savings are already in the bank.” (Glenn Kessler, “Factchecking The First Presidential Debate Of 2012,” The Washington Post‘s The Fact Checker, 10/4/12)
THE FACTS: Obama’s $4 Trillion Figure Includes Money From Legislation Enacted With Republicans And From War Savings That Would Occur Anyway. “In promising $4 trillion, Obama is already banking more than $2 billion from legislation enacted along with Republicans last year that cut agency operating budgets and capped them for 10 years. He also claims more than $800 billion in war savings that would occur anyway. And he uses creative bookkeeping to hide spending on Medicare reimbursements to doctors.” (Calvin Woodward, “FACT CHECK: Presidential Debate Missteps,” The Associated Press, 10/3/12)
“Take Those ‘Cuts’ Away And Obama’s $2.50/$1 Ratio Of Spending Cuts To Tax Increases Shifts Significantly More In The Direction Of Tax Increases.” (Calvin Woodward, “FACT CHECK: Presidential Debate Missteps,” The Associated Press, 10/3/12)
Obama “Twisted The Truth” With The $4 Trillion Figure. “Obama also twisted the truth when he repeated the claim that his proposals would reduce the 10-year deficit by $4 trillion. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office found that Obama’s budget would increase cumulative deficits by well over $2 trillion over that time period.” (Meghan McCarthy, Katy O’Donnell, Amy Harder, and Catherine Hollander, “Fact Checking The Presidential Debate,”National Journal, 10/3/12)