Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dems the anti israel party now

Cruz: Time To Respond To Obama Administration’s 'Disgraceful' Treatment Of Israel

Calls for voters to challenge the administration’s “unprecedented attack” on America’s greatest Middle East ally

In an opinion piece published in Time on Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) shamed the Obama administration for its “disgraceful” comments about Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu, calling it “an unprecedented attack on a critical ally of the United States.” Cruz also warned of the danger posed by the administration’s defeatist position on Iran, which he said is “an inexcusable betrayal of the national security of the American people.”
According to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, various anonymous officials referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as both “a chicken****” and “a coward.” While these indefensible comments have received the lion’s share of media attention, the substantive remarks about Iran were even more troubling. Goldberg wrote that another senior official claimed that due to their pressure on Netanyahu, it is now “too late” for Israel to stop Iran from amassing an “atomic arsenal.”
Citing WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s dismissive response to questions about the “chickensh*t” comment and admission that they weren’t bothering to find out who said it, Cruz argued that the administration’s hostile treatment of Israel and fatalist position on Iran posed a real threat to U.S. security interests:
This is an unprecedented attack on a critical ally of the United States at a moment of international crisis. It is a de facto admission to the mullahs in Tehran that the Obama administration thinks it is too late to prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is an inexcusable betrayal of the national security of the American people.
Cruz then turned his attention to Democrats, charging them with publicly stating whether they agree with the administration’s view of Israel and its leaders and on the inevitability of Iran’s nuclear attainment. If not, he writes, they must “call on the President to identify and fire the persons making these assertions.”
Unless the Democrats denounce the administration’s “disgraceful” treatment of Israel and mishandling of Iran, Cruz writes, voters should “send them home in November”:
It is my hope that Congress can unite to reverse this administration’s approach by defending our allies and standing up to hostile actors in the world. When the White House acts recklessly, Congress should swiftly act to defend our nation. We will not be able to do so if the Senate is led by Harry Reid acting as a rubber stamp for President Obama. Either the Democrats should denounce the Obama Administration’s dangerous policies or the voters should send them home in November.
As disgraceful as these comments were, at least they bring crystal clarity to the choice we face as a nation on November 4th. Choose wisely.

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