Tuesday, December 16, 2014

US is a mess

US is a mess, as bad as the Chicago Bears: Obama is a laughingstock around the world, beheadings everywhere, violent islamic jihad on the march and obama says ISIS has no relation to Islam, China surpassed us as world #1 economy, Russia has moved into Ukraine, Iran is completely undeterred in nuclear weapon pursuit since Obama took gas off sanctions, Obama will double all previous US debt, we have RECORD low participation in labor market, RECORD POVERTY< record food stamps, stock market artificially inflated because of federal reserve printing gobs of money which will lead to inflation, middle class is steadily losing ground, 2/3 Americans opposed to obamacare and Obama's amnesty illegal declaration, only 16% Israelis trust Obama, we have scandal after scandal: VA, IRS, AP, Secret Service, massive cuts to our military and mass firings of our top commanders, Obama has Al Sharpton to White House 60 times and Sharpton incites race riots and protests. This is what liberalism gives us.

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