Thursday, December 4, 2014

Obama and economy, Islam and israel

US economy suffers because of Obama
-Adjusted for inflation, incomes declined around the turn of the century and never quite regained their previous peak under President George W. Bush
- Since Mr. Obama took office, the median income rate has continued to decline, according to Census Bureau data
-Middle class suffers from Obama For a vast number of middle-class Americans wages have remained the same for 40 years (the median full-time male worker earned $50,033 in 2013, about what he earned in 1973, adjusted for inflation, $49,678), and a lot of that backsliding occurred during the Great Recession and in the five years since then.
-Another measure that hasn’t improved under Mr. Obama’s presidency is the share of the population that participates in the labor force. The labor force participation rate is the lowest in 36 years; many have just dropped out of the workforce. EMPLOYMENT: Because of Obama’s policies since he became President,: 11,472,000 Americans have left the work force. “Fewer Americans are at work today than in April 2000, even though the population since then has grown by 31 million
-We live in a weird new normal when 6 percent unemployment is something to brag about
-Studying presidents by their job creation record, also places Mr. Obama near the bottom of the pack. Since the presidency of Harry Truman, only three presidents have seen the level of employment grow by a smaller percent than Mr. Obama.
-Enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. Even though the recession officially ended in mid-2009, the number of people collecting food stamps continued to climb until recent months, and participation in the program remains far higher than any other point over the past 30 years…
-the poverty rate has climbed since Mr. Obama took office. Through 2012, the most recent year available, the number of people in poverty had risen by 2.9 million.
-STOCKS: U.S. Federal Reserve, the semi-secret private organization that largely runs the U.S. monetary policy, is pumping billions of dollars daily into the currency market, investors are confident, and the markets boom

-Our nation lost its AAA credit rating because Obama is spending so much money.
-Not only was Cash for Clunkers a wasteful government program that: cost $1.4 million for every job it created and did little to reduce carbon emissions,”destroying the “clunkers” helped dramatically jack up the cost of used cars for the rest of the country.
-Through 2013, the Obama Administration had imposed: new regulations on businesses that cost 46 billion dollars a year.
-RECORD DEBT: When he was running for office, Obama called Bush “unpatriotic” for adding so much to the debt and promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Yet, the national debt is up: 7 trillion dollars: since Obama became President. That’s more debt than all U.S. Presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined and after 8 years Obama will have doubled all debt accumulated by presidents 1-43.
-SCANDAL: Obama’s administration gave gunsthat were used to murder hundreds of Mexicans and border agent Brian Terry. The Obama Administration has refused to cooperate with the investigation or hold anyone accountable for that illegal behavior.
-Chrony Handouts: Obama’s campaign contributors at Solyndra were handed 535 million dollars of taxpayer money that the Obama Administration knew they would never be able to pay back before they gave it to them.
-SCANDAL When thewere asked to provide emails requested by Congress as part of an investigation into their illegal activities, they’ve claimed over and over again to have lost the information because of “hard drive crashes.” Given that it’s quite easy to back up a hard drive and that they’re required by law to retain that information, it seems likely that they’re habitually destroying evidence to hide their illegal activities. The IRS targeted Obama’s political enemies including Christian groups, pro-Israel groups, and most prominently, Tea Party groups. The Obama Administration has refused to cooperate with the investigation or hold anyone accountable for the illegal behavior. Numerous donors to Mitt Romney were audited by the IRS after giving him large contributions.
-SCANDAL: Veterans received poor health care and even died because of the incompetence and cover-ups of Obama’s VA.
-OBAMACARE: Even Barney Frank admits Barack Obama: shamelessly lied to the American people to get Obamacare passed: — and lie, he did. He promised that Americans could keep their insurance plans, that they could keep their doctors, and that Obamacare would save the average family $2500 per year. Not only were all of those lies, Obama knew they were lies when he made those promises. Barack Obama has broken the law repeatedly: by making at least 23 unilateral changes to Obamacare.Obama has been illegally trying to force Christians to pay for abortifacients via Obamacare. Obamacare has been a disaster that cost millions their insurance and sent health care costs spiraling into the stratosphere. Obama is taking 700 billion dollars out of Medicare to put into Obamacare. The website portion of Obamacare,, was a non-functional disaster for months when it rolled out and Obama claimed he was completely unaware that there was anything wrong with it.
-INCREASED RACIAL TENSION: Instead of calming people down, Obama helped to turn Americans against each other racially be inserting himself into the Trayvon Martin case. Obama created so much racial animosity by attacking the police when they had done nothing wrong in the Henry Louis Gates case that he had to have a ridiculous “beer summit” to try to undo the damage. The Department of Justice failed to pursue a voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panthers because they were black and liberal. Former DOJ official: J. Christian Adams quit over the case: and: “accused his former employer of instructing attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims.”
-George W. Bush quit playing golf in 2003 because he didn’t want the mother of some fallen soldier to see the Commander-in-Chief out playing golf. He also said he thought playing golf during a war sent the wrong signal to the American people. Through June of 2014, Obama was up to 200 rounds and is on pace to play twice as much in his second term as his first term.
-Obama chose tax cheat Tim Geithner to be his Secretary of the Treasury and then has had the audacity to spend his whole presidency pushing for higher taxes.
-After promising to unite America when he was running for office in 2008, Obama has been the most hyper-partisan President in decades.
-The Department of Justice has worked overtime to help increase voter fraud by fighting against voter ID. This is despite the fact that you need ID to buy alcohol, drive a car, fly on a plane or even to use Obamacare.
-Russia annexed Crimea while Obama did nothing of consequence to discourage it from invading. That’s not a surprise for a President who is fond of throwing out “red lines” that don’t mean anything.
- Southern Border and illegal aliens Barack Obama unilaterally implemented the DREAM Act that Congress didn’t pass and illegally handed out work permits to illegal aliens. Obama bypassed Congress and simply “legalize” millions more of illegal immigrants even though it’s illegal and unconstitutional and it hurts the American people and will further encourage even more illegal aliens to surge across the border. The fence on our southern border was supposed to be completed by 2009. The Obama Administration has made it clear that it doesn’t intend to finish it during his presidency. Barack Obama is deliberately creating a crisis on the southern border by refusing to deport illegal aliens crossing into our country.For all practical purposes, Barack Obama has already unilaterally implemented amnesty in America because “at least: 99.92% of illegal immigrants and visa overstays: without known crimes on their records”: aren’t being deported.

Islamic Violent terrorism flourishes under Obama
Obama helps actively or through neglect a massive spread of Islamic jihad under his watch-see details below. Terrorism expert summarizes this: “Steve Emerson Terrorism expert
“we have an administration that's in bed with these radical Islamic groups who pretend to be moderate or civil rights groups that have basically curtailed the ability of the FBI, ICE agents, to monitor, do investigations, or even prosecutors. Prosecutors now have to petition the Department of Justice to use the word "jihad" in indictments. This shows you the extent to which this administration has neutered the whole campaign to stop jihadism and basically interfere, Monica, with the ability of FBI agents to do their job...,the FBI, city and state law enforcement and now the border patrol with essentially an open border with god knows what kind of terrorists and Islamists are coming over the southern border, how they have really been hamstrung by regulations and political correctness restricting their ability to monitor the Islamic communities and the border...this administration has essentially embraced and legitimized the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the godfather and parent of all Sunni terrorist groups, including Hamas, including Islamic Jihad, and Al Qaeda. And for the administration to make a distinction between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is simply murderous. And that's what they've done. “

NEWEST: Obama covering up domestic jihad murder again. 
Flourishing of Jihad 2009 until now under Obama, much with his direct aid.You decide whether its purposeful on his part, or incompetence, or horrible consequences of wrongheaded world view. 
1.Libya: he helped push out Quaddafi, and now Libya in hands of various jihad groups. Egypt is very worried about them.
2.Iraq: pulled out after war was won opening way for ISIS
3.Syria: drew red lines and then ignored them when breached and now Isis controls half
4.Hamas: secret talks with this terrorist group while they toss missiles daily at Israel for 6 months and continued to fund PA even after the have unity government with Hamas. Secret talks with them. 
5. Iran: weakened sanctions consistently and now extends talks while they move forward tried to overthrow Mubarak and support Moslem Brotherhood, gave them 1.5 billion and sophisticated weapons
6. Turkey Obama’s favorite foreign leader calls Israelis Nazis It is also no surprise that Obama would name this vicious Jew-hater as his closest friend among world leaders. “Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler,” Times of Israel, July 19, 2014 
7. He backed Morsi in Egypt, head of Moslem Brotherhood who said Jews are descended from pigs, gave them 1.5 billion and f16s.
8. Iron Dome vs Terrorist funding Follow the money: each round of Iron Dome funding, Obama has tried to cut substantially. Congress overruled him.
 His response? $47 more for Hamas to rebuild, $500 million for Syrian rebels (which will go straight to Isis, $11 billion arms deal with Qatar
9. Opens southern borders, allowing terrorists cross into US easily
11. Lost whereabouts of 6000 “students” of foreign nationality who never showed up for class
12. The unilateral release of five senior Taliban back to the enemy while the enemy is still fighting us.
14. Does this bother anyone else? Obama had a meeting with an "interesting" cleric -- on the anniversary of 9-11 no less.
15. His administration hired senior terrorists to work for US government. One example
16. Had Bagdadai, Isis leader in custody in 2009 but released him
17. Severly limits FBI ability to monitor Islamic extremists in USA
18. They've lifted all restrictions on Muslim Brotherhood visits to the United States and now restricting entry of Israelis to US
19. He and Hillary lied and lied about 9-11 Alquida attack in benghazzi being caused by Youtube video, to continue their lying narrative that alquida was vanquished to try and assist his 2012 election,
20. Fort Hood shooter business card says “soldier of Allah” and he shouts alla akbar before he kills 13 fellow soldiers, Obama calls it ‘workplace violence”.
21. Obama demands scrubbing word jihad from documents on terror and demands CIA Director scrub word Islamist before the word “terrorists” from Benghazi talking points
22. Fight vs Isis: Steve Emerson: “our allies that the administration praises – Turkey and Qatar – are sabotaging our campaign against ISIS while the President has basically angered good allies lie Egypt, which really could be participating in a very meaningful way because it is significantly and ideologically against the Muslim Brotherhood which [ISIS] has in its origins.."
23. Refuses to acknowledge obvious Islamic link to terror
27. US considers new, softened nuclear offer to IranIsrael fumes at compromise which would allow Tehran to keep half of its centrifuges in exchange for various checks and balances

Obama most anti Israel president ever
 In the Gaza conflict
1.    His FAA blocked flights to Israel
2.    Denying visas to Israelis
3.    Denyuing mail bound to Israel
4.    Holds up armaments so Israel can defend itself
5.    Tried to cut Iron dome 2xfunding but Congress overruled
6.    Tried to get Hamas biggest boosters Qatar to get agreement allowing Hamas total freedom to rebuild misslies
9.      ObamA works out $11 billion arms deal to hamAs biggest supporter, Qatar

PLUS 1. His administration continually leaks classified documents that endanger our soldiers and especially our ally Israel
2. Said he wants to bring daylight between Israel and 
3 .He bragged about killing Bin Laden, when he hypocritically campaigned against the means they used to find him. That got the actual Seals who killed him so mad they are campaigning against him
4 He hired Muslim brotherhood tied terrorists to be in the USA government
5 Aided Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egypt by reducing helping overthrow Mubarack, their debt and doing military exercises with them, while scaling back our exercises with Israel. 
6.He has stalled and delayed and appeased Iran as they march forward to develop nuclear weapons and daily say they want to wipe out Israel
7.He has tried to bully, threaten, intimidated and repeatedly turned his back on Israel ( 49 borders, no building in Jerusalem) and had the word Jerusalem removed from the DNC platform as well as Hamas as terror, and Palestinians no right of return,. He realized that Jerusalem's omission was an error and lied and said he did not know, and when he instructed them to put it back, they did, but over a majority loud chorus of boos from the delegates. DNC convention has featured a large Muslim extremist sub convention.
8. Foolishly encouraged and embraced Arab Spring, which is turning into Arab nightmare. g. He forbade the CIA and FBI from using the words Muslim or Islam when they investigate, making it impossible to do their job and called Fort Hood massacre of a Muslim killing our soldiers shouting allah akbar workplace violence.
9. Obama refused to push for Israel to be included in an international terrorist conference. 
10. Makes us more dependent on Arab oil that funds terror 
11. Massive spread of Islamic jihad under his watch-
Libya: he helped push out Quaddafi
Iraq-pulled out after war was won opening way for ISIS
Syria: drew red lines and then ignored them when breached
Hamas: secret talks with this terrorist group while they toss missiles daily at Israel for 6 months and continued to fund PA even after the have unity government with Hamas
Iran: weakened sanctions consistently and now extends talks while they move forward 
12. His record before he entered high electoral politics in 2004, especially his associations with radical anti-Zionists
13. Obama’s favorite foreign leader calls Israelis Nazis Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler It is no surprise, with this violent, hateful rhetoric, that there are violent protests against Israel in Turkey. It is also no surprise that Obama would name this vicious Jew-hater as his closest friend among world leaders. “Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler,” Times of Israel, July 19, 2014qw

14. Uses IRS to harass pro Israel groups

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