Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obama misrepresents evil iran's faith with catastrophic potential consequences

Obama misrepresents evil iran's faith with catastrophic potential consequences
Now jihadist obama says do not worry about iran and nuks. He claims, erroneaously, catastrophic war is against Shiite faith. Hey Iranian apologist:, newsflash: Nuks are inherent in their faith. Want catastrophe to release hidden Imam. It is central to their faith.   
It is about Obama and iran  
"The conditions of the World around the time of the coming of Imam Mahdi'Society will be engulfed by ravaging wars, overflowing with havoc and devastation. In the beginning the conquerors will feel very happy over their success and booties gathered therein, but it will all have a very sad end. I warn you of wars of the future; you have no idea of the enormity of evil which they will carry.' - Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 141"
1.Iran mullahs say Obama is desperate to make a deal with them
2. The deal will give Iran 80% of what they want, nuclear weapons capability
3. Netanyahu is the only world leader stating the obvious, how dangerous this deal will be to the Middle east and thr world
4. Boehner invites Netanyahu to speak to congress, EXACTLY as he did in 2011 when Netanyahu wowed congress. Obama LIED, claiming he was not informed beforehand.
5. Obama LIED about why he won't meet with Netanyahu, says he doesn't want to interfere with israeli elections so close to them, YET
a. sends and anti Israeli staffer to work for Netanyahu opposition and sends Kerry to secretly meet with Netanyahu opposition.
6. Obama lied in his State of the Union, according to Washington post face checker, Obama claiming his negotiating was making good progress with stopping Iran.
7. Members of congress want to up sanctions vs Iran to make them negotiate better. obama opposes it and will soon release billions to these terrorists
8. Iran is expanding rapidly now controlling Yemen through Houthis, lebanon (Hzbollah) Syria (Assad) The Golf states are under pressure from Iran. terrorists now control Libya, and Isis is expanding into several countries

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