Thursday, February 26, 2015

Illinois Dem Rep Jan Schakowski betrays israel again

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL-9) BETRAYS ISRAEL
Israel betrayer Schakowski announced in a Press Release that she will be taking J Street's advice and joining far too many of her Democratic colleagues in boycotting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's March 3 address to the joint session of Congress.
Bizarrely, unlike many of her colleagues who have cited the alleged "protocol" violation as their flimsy rationale for boycotting, Rep. Schakowsky said that simply hearing the ...views of our most important ally in the Middle East might somehow "scuttle" the nuclear negotiations with Iran, and that an address to a joint session of Congress with both Democrats and Republicans somehow damages the bipartisan nature of congressional support for Israel. The talks should be scuttled. AP reports Obama will allow them nuclear weapons capability!…/obama-gives-ira…
But the reality is that members of Congress like Rep. Schakowsky are making a choice - and she is choosing to snub the state of Israel and tens of thousands of her pro-Israel constituents out of partisan allegiance to the Obama Administration's weeks-long, manufactured "crisis" designed to rally Democrats around an impending Iran deal that looks worse by the day.
If you are a constituent of Congresswoman Schakowsky's, I urge you to call her office and express your disappointment with her decision to boycott Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech. Her Washington office phone number is (202) 225-2111.
Urge your representatives and the vice president
to join Elie Wiesel at the joint session of Congress and
to listen to Prime Minister Netanyahu`s message about Iran.
Elected officials need to hear your voice!
No matter one`s politics, everyone should be worried about Iran. A nuclear-armed Iran will lead to proliferation in one of the most unstable parts of the world and pose the threat of subcontracting nuclear weapons to terror groups. Iran is already the greatest exporter of terrorism in the world.
This is not about being Democrat or Republican, Labor or Likud, but about ensuring the survival of liberal democracies, including the U.S. and Israel, and every American Arab ally. We are all at risk.

DON`T WAIT: Please contact your congressional members and the White House.
•House of Representatives: Find your representative
and KESHET is honoring her at their big dinner this year?…/celebrating-33-years-service-keshe…
You can voice your displeasure by calling the Exec. Abby Weisberg at Office: 847-205-1234
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