Friday, January 23, 2015

Today's Obama disaster will haunt us for decades to come.

Today's Obama disaster will haunt us for decades to come.
1. He claimed Yemen a success of his Middle east strategy but yesterday it collapsed to pro Iranian revels and alquida Yemen is strongest there.  Iran now adds a 4th capital to its pocketbook, Yemen's in addition to Bahgdad, Damascus and Beirut. Oh, ans his top advisor, Valarie Jarett was born in Iran and speaks farsi
2. Saudi king dies and will be surrounded by jihadist states. Obviously Saudi attempt to appease jihadists by financing extreme islam all over world has backfired.
3.  Iran unveils new long range icbm as Obama was given 3 pinochios (that he lied) by liberal Washington post on State of Union about
 a. his lying claim that dialogue with Iran succeeding and no need for new sanctions,
b. and his lying claim of stopping Iran's nuc weapon progress.
4.  He was called a liar basically by head of Israeli Mossad when Obama claimed mossad agreed with him about iran sanctions and not netanyahu.
Obama talks with youtube pop star for an hour but says he wont meet with Netanyahu when obama comes to Washington. We are cursed with this pro jihad traitor.
The Obama nightmare continues.

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