Thursday, January 29, 2015

Obama, taliban and terrorism

Obama now says Taliban is not a terrorist group. (more about them below) This is Part of Obama;s continuing efforts to aid and abet islamic terrorism

Just remember, under pro jihad Obama, since he became president, terrorists have taken over Yemen this week, and these nations have largly or completely fallen to terrorists: Iraq (Isis), Syria (Isis), lebanon (Hez bollah), Palestinian PA has a unity government with Hamas, Egypt-obama tried and is still trying to turn it over to Muslim brotherhood. Obama hires Muslim brotherhood terrorists in administration and his brother heads Muslim brotherhood in Kenya. He does not allow CIA or FBI use the word islam in investigations and calls Muslim terrorism in USA workplace violence. He is running a pathetic fight vs isis after calling the JV. No intelligent person, looking at the facts, could says Obama is not aiding and abetting terrorism.

Afghan Taliban
 The Taliban is a Sunni Islamist nationalist and pro-Pashtun movement founded in the early 1990s that ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 until October 2001. The movement’s founding nucleus—the word “Taliban” is Pashto for “students”—was composed of peasant farmers and men studying Islam in Afghan and Pakistani madrasas, or religious schools. The Taliban found a foothold and consolidated their strength in southern Afghanistan.
2. By September 1996, the Taliban had captured Kabul, killed the country’s president, and established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The Taliban’s first move was to institute a strict interpretation of Qur‘anic instruction and jurisprudence. In practice, this meant often merciless policies on the treatment of women, political opponents of any  stripe, and religious minorities.

In the years leading up to the 11 September 2001 attack in the United States, the Taliban provided a safehaven for al-Qa‘ida. This gave al-Qa‘ida a base in which it could freely recruit, train, and deploy terrorists to other countries.
Yes, The Taliban Are Terrorists
“It is time for Washington to put objective facts above political wishful thinking and recognize the Taliban as a terror organization.”

By Aziz Hakimi
March 25, 2014
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The story is heartbreaking. A Facebook status update on July 16, 2013, from Ahmad Sardar, the Afghan journalist in Kabul. Nelofar, his 5-year-old daughter asks her dad, “Do the Taliban kill animals too?” The father answers no, and the little girl says: “I wish we were animals.”

Little Nelofar is dead now, brutally murdered by the Taliban – shot in the head – together with her dad, her mom and her 8-year-old brother. Of Nelofar’s family, only her 2-year-old brother has miraculously survived, in a coma with three bullets in his body.

On March 20, 2014, on the eve of the Persian New Year, the Taliban managed to enter the highly fortified Serena Hotel, located just a kilometer away from the Afghan presidential palace, where Nelofar and her family were celebrating the Nawrooz, the arrival of the spring and of the New Year.

The Taliban suicide mission left nine people dead and many more injured before Afghan forces killed the four attackers, who had managed to sneak pistols and ammunition inside the hotel, despite the tight security measures.

This is certainly not the first ruthless killing of civilians by the Taliban and, as Afghans know, it will not be the last. Every attack has been accompanied by widespread resentment of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who has on numerous occasions called the Taliban his “dissident brothers.”

Many Afghans accuse Karzai of turning a blind eye to the massacres of civilians by the Taliban in the hearts of the Afghan capital and other major cities.

Despite the fact that the Taliban’s use of deadly force against the civilian population is widely branded as “terrorist attacks” inside and outside of Afghanistan, neither the Afghan government nor the U.S. officially recognizes the Taliban as a terrorist organization.

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