Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hates israel, loves terrorist states

Bennett, Israeli leader, Blasts Obama:
'The current administration plans to throw Israel under the bus. Not the leader of Syria who has massacred 150,000 of his citizens, nor the leader of Saudi Arabia who stones women and homosexuals, nor the leader of Iran who murdered demonstrators for freedom were called "chickensh*t." '

As World Jewish Daily stated Oct 30,
Hating Israel, Loving Iran Obama administration cozies up to psychotic Islamist state Even as government buildings step up security for fear of Islamist terror attacks

US and Iran are in a state of detente, officials say
US has also softened its stance toward Iran's allies - Hamas, Hezbollah, says Wall Street Journal
The Obama administration and Iran "have moved into an effective state of d├ętente over the past year", as they hold direct nuclear talks and face a common threat from the Islamic State. These are the assessments of senior American and Arab officials reported on Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal.
"The shift could drastically alter the balance of power in the region, and risks alienating key US allies such as Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, who are central to the coalition fighting Islamic State. Sunni Arab leaders view the threat posed by Shiite Iran as equal to or greater than that posed by the Sunni radical group Islamic State," according to the front-page story.
Over the past decade, Washington and Tehran have engaged in fierce battles for influence and power in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan. "But recent months have ushered in a change as the two countries have grown into alignment on a spectrum of causes, chief among them promoting peaceful political transitions in Baghdad and Kabul and pursuing military operations against Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria," according to these officials.
The WSJ also says that the Obama administration has markedly softened its confrontational stance toward Iran’s most important allies, the Palestinian militant group Hamas and the Lebanese militant and political organization, Hezbollah. US intelligence agencies have repeatedly tipped off Lebanese law-enforcement bodies close to Hezbollah about threats to Beirut’s government by Sunni extremist groups, including al Qaeda and its affiliate Nusra Front in Syria, Lebanese and US officials told the WSJ

Powerline blog
Posted: 29 Oct 2014 01:54 PM PDT
(Scott Johnson)
The twisted mentality of the Obama administration is prominently on display in Jeffrey Goldberg’s summary of his conversations with senior officials posted here. Anonymously describing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as “chickenshit,” one senior official serves up a pure case of projection, and another senior administration official seconds him (or her). It is as if Obama himself had dismissed someone as “arrogant,” or Joe Biden disparaged anyone as “stupid,” or John Kerry insulted someone as “haughty,” though in this case the official is projecting on behalf of the administration as a whole.
The whole thing is almost — almost — unbelievable. If you’ve been awake and alert, however, it makes sick sense. It figures. “Fair is foul, and foul is fair:/Hover through the fog and filthy air.”
On the substance of the issues, Danielle Pletka speaks for me in her comments on Goldberg’s column. She renders this stinging judgment:
Let’s get this straight: Bibi et al, who have what most would agree is a legitimate and existential fear of an Iranian nuclear weapon, are “good” because they’re, er “chickenshit” about launching a strike on Iran; oh, and Bibi is also labeled a “coward” for having been “chickenshit” in that regard. But he’s “bad” because he won’t cave to a Palestinian Authority and Hamas so riven by terrorism, corruption and incompetence that they won’t “accommodate” with each other.
How can we read this as anything other than an appalling display of hypocrisy, hostility to Israel and warmth toward the very powers that have killed almost as many Americans (Iran, Hamas, et al) as al Qaeda? Did team Obama label Ahmadinejad as “chickenshit”? Have they labeled the Qataris, who arm and fund ISIS at the same time that they buy US weapons as “chickenshit”?
I’m sure that in defense of Obama, many will say that they expect more of the Israelis than they do of the Gulf or Turkey or NATO or … anyone. The question is, why? Coming back to the fons et origo of this whole relationship disaster, let us recall that it was Obama who ashcanned the George W. Bush commitment to Israel to oppose the return to 1967 lines; Obama who prayed at the altar of Jew-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright; Obama who absorbed the scholarship of Israel-hating Rashid Khalidi; Obama, whose own settlement policy has been more extreme than that of the Palestinian Authority.
But let’s forget about Obama’s own ideological dislike of the State of Israel and its leaders, whoever they may be. Set aside the fact that it is not Bibi who is acting like a selfish political actor, but Barack Obama and the personal sycophants around him who are more interested in the whims and fortunes of the American Narcissus. Let us instead focus on the fact that an unnamed “senior American official” is waxing triumphant over the fact that it is now “too late” for Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons complex. This is good news? The fact that American officials believe it is more advantageous to have a nuclear Iran than to have someone in power in Israel who will not kowtow to the US president says something about the fundamental rot at the core of the Obama administration, its contempt for the national security of the American people – who are at terrible risk from an Iranian nuclear bomb – and the vileness of the cowards and chickenshit officials who people the fiefdom of Barack Obama.

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