Sunday, July 13, 2014

Radical leftist legacy of Obama

Radical leftist legacy of Obama
Does Obama hate the poor? We have record poverty in US today after 5 ½ years of Obama
Does Obama hate middle class? Middle class has lost much economic ground under Obama
Does Obama hate elderly? Stole $500,000 million from medicare to pay for Ob
Doesn’t Obama care about sex trafficking children in USA? He has allowed many thousands of illegal children to come to USA from southern border, with no parents, ending up in sex trafficking.
Doesn’t Obama care of violent gang members coming in illegally
Doesn’t Obama care about all this disease coming across border? America is now coping with diseases it believed it had eradicated, at least in part thanks to unrestricted immigration. In early June, ABC 15 in Arizona reported, “US Border Patrol agents are worried that what’s coming over into the US could harm everyone… Agents are worried about a viral outbreak.” According to Border Patrol Agent and Rio Grande Valley Union representative Chris Cabrera, agents are experiencing contagious outbreaks – and so-called quarantine areas are nothing of the sort, often separated from the general population by mere caution tape. “There’s been an outbreak of scabies that’s been going on for the past month,” Cabrera said. And it’s not just scabies, it’s chicken pox, MRSA, staph infections. The Department of Homeland Security will not allow media to speak with doctors and medical staff treating illegal immigrants. A health official told The Blaze, “There is really no hard stop at the border, and we have no idea health-wise what diseases are coming across.”
Doesn’t Obama care Arab terrorist coming across southern border illegally?
Does Obama think we don’t pay attention to his scandals The first 100 BEFORE IRS, VA, NSA, EPA, Mexican guns, etc
Does Obama want Arab terrorism to take over Middle East? Under Obama, these countries went to terrorist control: Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran expands, Egypt for awhile, lied about Benghazi letting al-Qaida off the hook,

Doesn’t Obama care about his own grandchildren paying for his wild overspending?
He will double all previous US debt owed in his 8 years

Doesn’t Obama care about telling the truth?
You can keep your doctor, Benghazi was caused by a video etc

Doesn’t Obama care about unemployed? His democratic controlled Senate has refused to take us dozens of Republican house passed bills and result?
Unemployment statistics do not count them

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