Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gaza and Democratic leadership

Gaza in a nutshell 1. Bible promises the land to the Israelites 4000 years ago. 2. Israelites came there and lived there unbroken 4000 years, having sovereignty 2x and only leaving when stronger forces forced them but not all ever left. 3. Todays Palestinians have zero connection to any ancient people and never existed as a nation until the 1940s. Most of the people living in the area moved there after the 1940s and have no connection to the land or people in it. The Palestinians are a myth created by the Arab league to undermine israel. 4. Israel's Declaration of Independence seeks to live in peace with the Arab neighbors. 5. From day 1 of Israel’s independence, Most Arabs have tried to kill the jews and take over the country and will never stop trying. 6. Jordan controlled the West Bank 1947-1968 and did not create Palestinian state, ditto with Egypt and Gaza. 7. Arabs are being killed by Arabs all over the Middle East (150,000 in Syria) and the media pays no attention. 8. Hamas is a violent terrorist organization which calls for genocide vs Jews everywhere and destruction of israel as do Iran and all Islamic terrorist groups. They killed 160 of their own children building the tunnels, routinely endanger their own citizens putting them in harms way, and store and fire missiles from hospitals, schools and mosques.They are monsters. 9. Israel withdrew completely from Gaza 2005 to see if organic Palestinian free nation could emerge. Israel got thousands of missiles thrown at it, and genocidal death threats. Of course, like any nation, Israel controls its border with Gaza, as Egypt does hers. Israel has a right o insure noi missiles enter. Now it has to worry about cement too. 10. This is the third time in 6 years Israel has had to go into Gaza to stop the rockets and now have to destroy very lethal tunnels. They have tried harder than any nation in history to avoid civilian casualties despite their enemies trying harder than any country in history to sacrifice their own citizens as human shields. 11. The Muslims lie routinely about what is happening. Their religion allows it to advance their cause so they lie and lie and lie, claiming genocide etc. 12. No country on earth would accept the terrorism inflicted on it by Muslim monsters in Gaza nor would any other country try so hard to spare civilians. the condemnation of Israel is anti semitism, pure and simple. 13. Despite non stop Arab and Iranian war and genocidal threats, israel has created one of the greatest nations on earth, with world changing innovations aiding the world, and the only place in the entire Middle East where Arabs, gays, women are free to live as they wish. 13. The Western world should be enthusiastically backing Israel's frontline efforts to fight terror, because it is next. The UN dominated by 65 Muslim nations and 22 Arab ones, focuses almost exclusively on anti Israel activities and resolutions. Instead, The US leading Democrats: Hillary says Gaza keeps its rockets in schools because it is a small place and her new book calls it occupied, Nancy Pelosi says she's been told Hamas is a humanitarian organization, Kerry tries to force a ceasefire taking hamas side 100%, Obama calls and threatens Netanyahu about immediate ceasefire. Obama has been secretly talking with this terrorist organization Hamas for six months, while publicly the US states they are a terrorist group. Also since Obama, Israel is basically surrounded by terrorist groups or states: Libya, almost Egypt (Obama wanted Muslim brotherhood) Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran. Isis, As Joshua asks the Captain of the Lord of hosts standing with a drawn sword in Joshua: are you with us or against us?

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