Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dangerous and terrible for Israel

Israel surrounded and our leaders are on the wrong side
Today we see Egypt in chaos as violent protests erupt nationwide, while in the insufficiently policed Sinai, jihadists are mobilizing and posing increased threats to Israelis.

In Syria, more than 100,000 are dead in the country's escalating civil war, the regime's cache of chemical weapons at serious risk of falling into terrorist hands.

Meanwhile, to Israel's north and south, Hamas and Hezbollah have stockpiled more than 65,000 rockets on Israel's borders. And in Tehran, Iran’s leaders continue to call for Israel's destruction, while rapidly advancing a nuclear weapons program that could do just that.

These are events that demand attention now. But where is Obama, Kerry, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice? Backing the wrong sides, doing nothing. and Hillary's top aid is from a family full of Muslim brotherhood terrorists, and the scandal ridden Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation has taken huge money from radicalized Arab sources. Makes you pretty sure President Hillary will be even worse for israel then B. Hussein Obama has been. . Read this and get scared for our future

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