Sunday, August 11, 2013

Are left wing anti drilling people financed by Arab oil money?

We have the ability to tap into huge amounts of energy here, enough to make is energy independent.
Worldwide terrorism is financed by Arab oil revenues we send.
Stop buying Arab oil and severly limit worldwide terror.
Who would be opposed to this? Opec.
So why are Democrats and Obama so opposed to getting all the energy we can? We can do it in an environmentally ok way.
Are the left wing environmental groups being funded by Arab oil money?

(Steven Hayward)
Middle Eastern potentates have been acknowledging their nervousness over the hydrocarbon revolution that has seen American domestic oil production increase by 2 million barrels a day over the last two years, with much more to come as cutting edge American technology spreads around the world.  OPEC’s days as the drivers of the global oil market may be in eclipse, especially if global demand for oil peaks, as has been forecast recently.
So if you’re a Middle Eastern country and you want to do something to slow this up, one thing you might do is try to funnel money to environmental organizations that want to stop fracking and keep land closed to new hydrocarbon production.  We already saw Chesapeake Energy give over $25 millionto the Sierra Club to fight against coal so as to increase demand for its natural gas.
Is there any evidence that Middle Eastern nations are funneling money to enviros?  Not that I know of.  But then there’s this story from the Free Beacon:
Liberal Foundation Distributed Money from Bermuda to Liberal Nonprofits
A major left-wing foundation has received tens of millions of dollars from a shadowy Bermudan company with ties to wealthy American hedge fund managers and distributed those funds to prominent liberal nonprofit groups.
A sizable portion of the Sea Change Foundation’s revenue since 2011 has come from a single company, incorporated in Bermuda, called Klein Ltd. The company’s only officers are employees of a Bermuda law firm, and neither provided information on what Klein actually does.
Documents filed with the Bermudan government suggest that the company exists only on paper.
The money Klein has donated to Sea Change has been passed on to some of the largest liberal and environmentalist groups in the United States, including the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Center for American Progress (CAP).
CAP, which attacked the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2010 for supposedly using foreign money for political purposes, has also received fundsfrom the Bermuda-based Atlantic Philanthropies, as has its 501(c)(4) arm, the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

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