Saturday, July 13, 2013

No limt to Obama's dangerous and stupid policies

 Obama Banana republic dictator
Scott Jonson
Obama administration’s declaration of a one-year delay in the implementation of Obamacare’s employer mandate:
The unambiguous start date for Obamacare’s employer mandate, according to Section 1513, is the “months beginning after Dec. 31, 2013.” With the delay, however, President Obama has declared that he is not bound by mere law. All he is missing are mirrored sunglasses and a big military hat.
In Bananas Woody Allen depicted the type to which Dr. Wolf alludes in the character of the revolutionary leader Esposito as he takes office. The power goes to his head (video below, with Greek subtitles). If declarations along the lines of those issued by Esposito aren’t buried in the blizzard of Obamacare pronouncements and regulations issued to date, it’s only a matter of time.

One thing we do know: Like Nurse Bloomberg’s dietary dictates, Michelle Obama’s school lunch fatwa is a dismal failure.  Some schools are dropping her menu recommendations because the schools are losing money, and the kids are going hungry.  Because they won’t buy bland food they don’t like.  That’s quite an achievement:
“[Food service manager Nicky] Boehm and her staff worked hard to implement the new regulations, but there were just too many problems and too many foods that students did not like and would not purchase,” said Assistant Superintendent Chris Abdoo about the National School Lunch Program in a statement reported by “Students complained of being hungry with these lunches and the district lost money.”
The district lost about $100,000 trying out the federal menu, which offered such meals as “part” of a chicken patty on a minicroissant, reported.

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