Sunday, March 1, 2015

cowardice of Jewish leadership

So many Jewish organizations ( are lining up, NOT to condemn Obama/Rice/ etc who are engineering a deal with GENOCIDAL intended Iran to give them nuclear weapons capability and a great opportunity for another HOLOCAUST, but to condemn Rabbi Boteach who dared to place an ad attacking Susan Rice, who has heavy investments in iran, called Netanyahu's visit destructive, lied to our faces on 5 national Sunday shows erroneously claiming Al quida was not responsible for Benghazi.
The only issue i had with the ad is he should he directed at Obama, who is doing all he can to promote Iran's hegemony over the Middle East and advance jihad in general, letting Isis flourish etc. Obama lies through his teeth about everything, especially about how his dialogue with Iran is helping (Wash Post gave it 3 Pinocchios) , how 99.9%of Muslims want what we want (27% British Moslems supported the Paris attacks), how he is fighting isis (6 pathetic sorties a day vs 800 a day by Bush vs Hussein). Jewish organizations are laying down like lambs for this nightmare, except for ZOA. Aipac today had Obama's former nat. sec. head on main panel and tomorrow its Rice and Samantha Powers, who once called for US military to drive Israel out of west bank. Isis is now in West bank, Sinai, Gaza, Libya, Syria, iraq and iran will get bombs, all under Obama's leadership and Jews are attacking other Jews, rather than Obama. This a deep suicidal sickness pervading Jewish organizations who can't see the Haman we have in the White House.

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