Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lie Lie lie treachery treachery treachery of Obama etc.

Can Obama say anything truthful? (you can keep your doctor and health plan + I had no knowledge of scandal a, b, c, d, e, f)

Now he, Pelosi., Reid, Debbi Washerman Shultz etc keep lying
1. Say Bergdahl was a POW. LIE. never was. He as at best a deserter and probably a traitor. Just discovered he converted to Islam and considered himself WARRIOR for ISLAM!
2. Says he was imminent health danger LIE  never was in health danger
3. Says he was hero. LIE. He deserted his post, and his fellow soldiers say probably helped taliban
4. Dem leaders suggesting unanimous view of his fellow soldiers that he deserted is a Republican political effort. Come on!
5. Treachery released 5 top terrorist leaders and now idiot Dems saying we are SAFER with them out of Gitmo then in.
6. 8 soldiers lost lives looking for this deserter. How many more Americans will die because of release of these 5?
7. Dem spokespeople say we don't know if he was deserter and traitor. There is loads of evidence coming in every hour about it.
8. notice how this all occurred to push DEM VA scandal, which killed veterans, off the front pages.
9. Happened same week we learned US has been talking with terrorist Hamas group for 6 months and has accepted Hamas-Fatah agreement government.
10. Happened week after Kerry blamed Israel for collapsed talks with Hamas-Fatah terrorist government
11. Obama lets Iran keep moving forward with Iran nuclear weapon development while we just talk and talk
12. Dems trying to stymie Benghazzi investigation, where Obama, hillary, Susan rice lied and lied, blaming death of 4 Americans on video, when they KNEW it was al quida organized attack, which did not fit Obama's politcal narrative that al quida vanquished
13. Obama has lost Egypt to Russians after backing Muslim Brotherhood Morsi as leader, and refuses to help Egypt quash those terrorists.

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