Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Incompetence on jobs, health care, dead Jews

Seriously you can still support this guy?
Unemployment rate goes down? Because more and more people have GIVEN up looking and are not counted. More disastrous impact of Obama's horrible agenda. Record low rates of Americans participating in the work force. 90% of jobs last year created were part time jobs. National debt doublin to $17 trillion. And now, the double down on the disaster, Obamacare. 
Commentary Magazine: Obama Disassociates from Reality
About President Obama’s remarks on Monday in the Rose Garden on the matter of the problems plaguing the Affordable Care Act and, specifically, healthcare.gov, it seemed to me that they served a valuable purpose, at least to this extent: They distilled the Obama presidency to some of its core qualities: (a) detachment from reality; (b) misleading in its claims; (c) deeply polarizing and partisan; and (d) filled with lame excuses. 
And worse, Obama is lightening up on Iran, and Kerry's incompetence is leading to new dead Jews-another intifada
Kerry Precipitating Another Intifada?
To say that few Israelis think the current peace negotiations going on with the Palestinians have a chance of success is an understatement. In response to the passage by the Knesset of a bill to make it more difficult for the government to divide Jerusalem in the future, opposition leader Shelly Yacimovich mocked the proceedings as a futile exercise. Wasting time on it was ludicrous she said, “as if peace were in the offing … when we know talks are crawling.” But not everyone is taking the talks that were forced upon the parties by Secretary of State John Kerry as a total non-event. Yuval Diskin, a former head of Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, is claiming that the net result of the slow-motion failure of Kerry’s attempt to create momentum for peace when virtually no one thought the time was propitious could be another outbreak of violence.

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